Review: Kerastase Nectar Thermique Leave-In Conditioner

I've been a long-time user of Kerastase products. I've used the Ciment Thermique Leave-In Conditioner for years and love it. It was my hair saviour when bleaching my hair. I've also used the Chroma Thermique which is the leave-in for coloured hair - that left me very impressed as well. With many people raving about the Nectar Thermique, the version for dry hair - I decided it was finally time to try this last "piece of the Thermique puzzle".

While my hair has certainly been quite damaged in the past from bleaching, and was in great need of repairing and protein boosters, I've finally gotten my hair to a healthy place again. This means I'm slowly retiring my damage repairing hair products as they get empty, and have decided to focus on moisture and colour protection products instead. This is especially great for me getting some volume back as the heavier repairing masks tend to weigh the hair down quite a bit. Moisture infusing products can do this as well, but not the Nectar Thermique.

Kerastase's Nectar Thermique is just absolutely perfect. I'd categorize the three Thermiques in three levels - the Ciment Thermique is for very damaged hair, the Nectar Thermique for a bit damaged and dry hair, while the Chroma Thermique is for more slightly damaged and slightly dry hair. Meaning Heavy, Medium and Light.

The Nectar Thermique is a white cream that smells heavenly. Just heavenly. It smells clean, fresh and with a little something extra I can't quite put my finger on. I like to take about a quarter size, rub it between the palms of my hands and distribute it evenly through the lenghts of my hair, consentrating on the ends and avoiding getting too close to the roots. I will then blow dry my hair.

As it's both a heat protectant and a heat activated product I typically only use this when I plan on blow drying my hair, which, lets face it, is most times. I only ever really let my hair air dry in the summer months, but when I can I try to as often as I can to let my hair get a rest from all the heat.

The Leave-In treatment can feel a tad sticky to the touch, but once hair is dry you will notice it is much smoother, soft, silky, healthy, strong and super shiny. There is no contesting this is a wonderful miracle worker. If you've got hair that just isn't looking it's best - invest in this. It's well worth the money and then some. Not only will you see instant results, but also long term. It continually helps keep the hair moisturised while it's in plus it protects it from all kinds of aggravators, including heat and styling. I can not recommend this enough. The Nectar Thermique might not be the perfect one for you, but one of the Thermique's will be and they are all absolutely fantastic.



  1. Nectar Thermique is on my wishlist, hope I will buy it soon after I finish Moroccanoil.
    I am running an international GIVEAWAY on my blog, maybe you want to enter:



    1. I much, much prefer this to the Moroccanoil - you'll love it! :) x


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