Review: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

After being blown away by the results of Fushi's Organic Rosehip Oil using it on my body I wanted to explore the wonders of rosehip oil further, this time looking for an oil appropriate for use on the face. I ended up choosing the 45ml version of Trilogy's simple Rosehip Oil only option as it was fairly cheap and so if I didn't end up liking it it wouldn't be as big of a deal. However, that wasn't what happened.

Rosehip Oil really did revolutionise my skincare in 2013. I fell in love with this one by Trilogy almost as much as I did my Fushi body oil.
The oil is on the thicker side and doesn't feel all that luxurious, but this adds to the "organic feel". It has a smell I find neither pleasant or unpleasant. It doesn't smell as "raw" as the Fushi cold pressed oil so I assume there has been added something to make it smell nicer, but I could of course be wrong.

Trilogy's Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is beneficial for the skin in many, many ways. It helps with dehydrated skin, acne scarring, prevention of scarring from current active breakouts and helps skin be generally healthier.

My skin is normal, but dehydrated and I usually get annoying red marks that linger long, long after a blemish is gone. When using the Rosehip Oil this didn't happen. It helped active breakouts heal faster, and without leaving a mark. That almost never happens! I also got noticeably fewer blemishes when I used this, plus it left my usually dehydrated skin looking healthy, plump, radiant and not at all dry.

The Certified Rosehip Oil is a good treatment all over. I have used it as a serum under my day or night time moisturiser, or without day or night moisturiser. I also used it as a treatment when doing my hair mask treatment. It worked especially fantastic for that. I usually get really dry and tight skin after having the warm water run over my face and sitting around for usually over an hour with my hair mask in, without moisturising my face. Applying this oil was absolutely fantastic and helped miles towards my skin being healthier and less "ruined" after washing my hair.

The only problem I have with this is it's too-early expiration. It says on the bottle it's supposed to last until October 2015. I keep my skincare in the dark, out of the bathroom and in room temperature. It should last longer than just a few months, yet the smell has gone.. real off. I realise there's all kinds of omega's in here, but still.. it didn't smell like fish oil when I started using it, but now it does. It really does. And that's not something I want to be smearing all over my face and walking around with all day. I guess it's just what I'm used to; when something smells like fish, it's off. I might be wrong, perhaps it's fine, but the rest is still going in the bin.
Next I've got the famed Pai version lined up that I am excited to try and compare to the Trilogy one. If I'm not over the moon for that one I am interested in trying Trilogy's offering with the added anti-oxidants. Expiration date aside, I have been nothing short of thrilled with this product and it changed a lot for how I approach skincare. Since using this I've added many, many more oils to my routine and will be sticking to them. Consider me an oil convert! I absolutely, most definitely recommend trying this - rosehip oil is one of my best discoveries of 2013 and if you have yet to experience this oil's magic you really should get going, it will change your skin in the most amazing way - promise!



  1. Oh myyyy.. I absolutely LOVE this oil! I've just run out (boo) but it's helped my skin so much. Reduces scarring and generally makes it look so much healthier! x


    1. He he yeah it's pretty amazing!! Hopefully you can get another one :) It's helped my skin a lot too, rosehip oil is just fantastic for the skin! x

  2. I think that the Pai oil is so much better. It feels much lighter and absorbs better too x

    1. I hope I feel the same because that was my only gripe with the Trilogy oil - that it was a bit thick and didn't absorb very quickly. Excited to try the Pai one now!! :) x

  3. Replies
    1. Rosehip Oil is fantastic, you should try it! :) x


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