NOTD: Dior 204 Porcelaine

I don't buy many Dior polishes. This is only because I'm so smitten with Chanel's offerings that I usually try to limit myself to just that brand. Partly because it helps curb my spendings, but also because having all Chanel nail polish bottles looks very aesthetically pleasing. A few times I've regretted not picking up a Dior polish though. I'm not sure why, but when I saw this gorgeous pastel shade of Blue was coming out as part of Dior's spring collection I just knew this would be another one I'd end up regretting not having, so for once I took the plunge.

Porcelaine applies very streaky. The first coat I applied was really un-even and barely gave any color at all. The second coat I applied with a bit more product, not something I like doing usually, but I really didn't have the time to sit around applying 4 thin coats + letting each one dry. So I applied a heavier second coat instead. This took the polish to absolutely pastel blue. Evenly, non-streaky baby blue nails with a shiny cream finish.

I decided to add Deborah Lippmann 'Stairway to Heaven' on the "statement nail" to add some dimension. I didn't really like how it turned out myself, but it's in the swatch for you to see how it looks either way. All in all I found Porcelaine difficult to work with, though bearable (I've met worse polishes, way worse) and it looked fine in the end.

Porcelaine lasted on my nails for two days. I started having tip-wear on the third day, and noticeable chips on the fourth which is when I removed it. I wore it on top of OPI Nail Envy as my base coat with Seche Vite as the top coat, like I always do. This is pretty standard wear-time for me with Dior polishes, and Chanel for that matter. I find it hard not to compare the two.

You'll have to like baby blues to like this, cause what you see is what you get. Porcelaine is a pretty standard light blue shade, but if you like that this will be right up your alley - especially as it's all wrapped up in pretty Dior packaging. I think it's a gorgeous colour, perfect for spring. It is a bit more difficult to wear though. I found it looked best when paired with something really simple, such as all dark clothing. This makes the light blue stand out. Paired with more colorful clothes I think this can more easily look a bit teenager-ish. But that's just my opinion, no judgement here if that's how anyone prefers to wear it!

I'm a bit disappointed with Porcelaine. I'm used to Chanel polishes always surprising me when I apply it. No matter how "plain" it looks in the bottle, when applied to the nail theres always a dimension to it or a certain aspect of it that makes it special.. I don't find that with Porcelaine, and to be honest not with most Dior polishes either. To be fair I don't own that many though, but I guess with Dior what you see is what you get. Though that might not always be such a bad thing, especially when it comes to nail polish. And if you like a cream finish baby blue.. well, this is a cream finish baby blue. Nothing more, nothing less. But it is Dior!



  1. Such a shame the formulation isn't up to scratch, I would definitely expect that from expensive polishes. :(

    1. Yeah it's a shame :( But it does look fine in the end though so not a complete fail :)

  2. Thanks for the review. Come to think of it I don't go for many baby blue colors. I'd probably try out a cheap one and then something like this.

    Lovely instagram page btw, new fan yay!
    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Valentine's Day: Sophisticated and Sexy!

    1. He he yeah I think a cheaper version could be just as good! :)

  3. glad to hear you have success with chanel polishes. They are totally awful on me for the most part haha. I have a dior but i haven't tried it yet!

    1. Ha ha glad to hear I'm not the only person with polishes lying around I haven't even used lol


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