Review: Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner

The last half of 2013 I got introduced to Aesop, and I've loved most of what I've tried and everything I've bought. One of the first purchases I made was the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Toner.

The toner comes in typical Aesop apothecary simplistic style packaging. Some people don't find the Aesop aesthetics particularly appealing, while I personally love it and think it's one of the coolest concepts around. Each their own.

According Aesop's website the Parsley Seed toner "soothes, balances and evens the appearance of the skin without causing dryness or damage, and prepares it for hydration". I find all those claims to be true. When I apply it I feel my skin is in fact calmed down, very comfortable, more nourished and serums on top absorbs and spreads across the skin much better and with more ease. With continued use I find it contributes to keeping my skin healthier and more radiant and plump.

One big thing to note about this is the scent - it's fantastic! To me it smells like a bakery! I'm not sure what it actually smells like, but I smell freshly baked raisin buns - and I love that! The Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Toner is a treat in itself already, but the amazing scent added to the "experience" takes it to that next level - the "re-purchase without considering any other option level", which I have.



  1. This toner sounds right up my street, I've tried the Parsley Seed Mask and absolutely love it :)
    xxx Claire

    1. I've had a few samples of the mask and LOVED it as well - it's on my to-buy list! Everything I've tried from the Parsley Seed range has been amazing actually! :) xx


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