Review: Clinique Superdefense Age Defence Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20

I use SPF 50 every day on my face. Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall. Every single day. Even if I'm at home. I've previously taken this around my eye area as well, but wasn't sure if it was really the best idea. This because you always hear warnings about how you shouldn't really take products too close to the eye that aren't specifically meant for it. Then one day I saw the Clinique Superdefense Age Defence Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20. Having read no reviews, never heard it mentioned, nor even bothering to read the incredibly long name fully - I grabbed one and went straight to the cashier.

The eye cream comes in a small squeeze tube in the typical "Clinique-green" colour. There's no applicator at the end like many of these have nowadays, just a pointed tip where the product comes out. I don't mind that personally as I usually end up applying with my finger anyways, applicator or not.

The product itself is a light yellow colour. It can separate so shaking the bottle now and then helps keep that in check. It spreads quite easily across the skin as the cream isn't too thick and absorbs rather quickly. It has a slight illuminating effect, but nothing glittery so guys can definitely use this as well.

In regards to the moisturising properties of this I'm not sure. I use a really heavily moisturising eye balm or cream during the night, plus I apply this (and my night-time eye cream) on top of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum. So there's definitely some help from other products. Still, my eye area never feels dry, itchy, tight or uncomfortable. And so I would say I think it does moisturise enough for my skin's needs. It is a lighter cream though, but I prefer that as it's a perfect base for makeup. The illuminating effect also does work well and after the product absorbs I look instantly more well-rested and "ready to go".

The added SPF 20 has also given noticeable long-term effects. Not long after I started using it I noticed the area around my eyes looked much healthier. It was more plump, skin was more radiant, I looked much more well-rested and healthy and the general quality of my skin just felt better - stronger! This is very similar to the effects I noticed almost immediately after beginning to use SPF 50 everyday on my face. Even though I did tend to take that around my eyes, I guess having a product for that specifically still made the difference.

One tube of this has lasted me absolute ages - I started using it almost 9 months ago and it's still not empty! It's nearing the end though. Then again I thought it was about done back in December when I bought another one and it's still going strong! But that's the point though - I have re-purchased. Even with all the eye cream samples I have lying around, I re-purchased it. Before it was even completely empty. And that's a massive sign of really loving a product. Regardless of all the eye creams I should be super keen to try when this is finished, I'm so happy with this I'm not even a little bit interested. And if you're about to finish your eye cream and are interested in trying something else - try this - it's absolutely brilliant!



  1. I'm over 50 and got this as a sample. I love it. It takes away the tired look under your eyes. Use alone or under make-up, makes a big difference.

    1. It's amazing! I've noticed a big difference as well, can't be without it now! Re-purchased and will again and again :)

  2. I really need a moisturizer right now because it is extremely hot here in the Philippines. Do you think Clinique is a good option?
    ~Pauline @Clinique Philippines

    1. This one is certainly good for protecting the eye area agains UV damage, but it doesn't provide a lot of moisture. If your eye area is really dry I'd go for something thicker, like an eye balm! :) xx


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