Review: Cire Trudon Abd El Kader Candle

Cire Trudon is one of the most luxurious candle creators there is. The French company was established as early as 1643 and is the oldest candle company in the world. They have a rich history, being the candle makers of many french royals such as Marie Antoinette and also emperor Napoleon. When Cire Trudon was finally available where I live I knew I had to try one of their famed candles for myself. After a bit of research and thorough sniffing I decided to try 'Abd El Kader' a few months ago and it completely changed my attitude towards scented candles - and I had a pretty favourable one already!

This is my most favourite candle... ever! No question. Every time I light this and the scent starts spreading across the room I'm still always just as amazed at how wonderful it both smells, but also makes me feel. The candle has a base note of vanilla, with jasmin as the middle note and spearmint, lemon, blackcurrant bud, apple, ginger and cloves "on top". It's named after a religious and military leader who resisted the french invasion of Algeria in the mid 19th century. The scent is very reminiscent of a mojito, but there's an added air of mystery which is what takes it too a more exotic level.

Cire Trudon themselves explain the candle it like this;
"A wind of freedom coming all at once from the Mascara coast and down from the mountains bringing in its foolish race the green scents of fresh mint, the rashness of fights, the hot and peppered air of ginger and the perfume of tea and tobacco from the Ouled Nail tribe..."

My candle is the "classic candle" which has one wick and approximate burn time of 55 to 60 hours. I've tried to savour my Abd El Kader candle so I don't have any clear indicator of how many hours it's burned for, plus I'm not entirely finished with it yet either. I do feel though, that it's lasted me a well long time and I have indeed used it a fair bit. Particularly during exam season when this really helped with my nerves, plus stay focused. I'm not sure why entirely, but I do find that when this candle is lit I tend to be more efficient with whatever I'm doing. A side effect I never mind!

Abd El Kader comes in a gorgeous dark green glass jar, like many Cire Trudon candles with the classic gold Cire Trudon logo on the front. The shape of the glass at the bottom is "wavy" which makes the candle an absolute stunner visually. It comes in a sturdy green box with a lid that comes on and off. I've kept this box and will continue to keep it for as long as I have the candle. Inside is also a booklet with a gorgeous drawn picture of a tea pot and a glass with tea, ment to capture the essence of the candle I'm guessing. Inside is the description of the candle, the same as on their website plus clear instructions on how to use it.

I tend to burn this in my bedroom where I also have my desk. A lot of candles, including more expensive ones, I have had troubles getting the scent to really have an impact. That's never been a problem with Abd El Kader at all. After letting it burn for about 20-30 minutes the entire room - and it's of a decent size, is filled with a beautiful and noticeable aroma of the candle, but not the kind that creates headaches.

Cire Trudon are among the most expensive candles you can get, particularly if you go for the three wick "Great Candle" size. Still, I find Abd El Kader to be worth every penny I paid for it. Even after burning it for many hours (combined) and owning it for several months, I still inhale the scent deeply and exhale with a huge smile on my face. It's just that good!

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