Review: Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

Clarins is known for their self tanning products. Across the board their whole self-tanning line is high quality giving a natural, long lasting and evenly fading tan. It's a brand myself, and many others, have grown to trust to give that much desired healthy glow. Upon hearing the news of them releasing a new product into their little tanning "family" I knew it was something I had to try.

The new product is called "Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster". It's a tiny 15ml bottle of potent self-tanning liquid that you are meant to mix in with your moisturiser, and then spread the mix across your face. I'm not keeping tabs on the self-tanning industry, I must admit, but I think this is a really inventive product and I've at least never heard of anything like it before. A brand new type of product is always especially exciting!

Instructions say to mix 3 drops in with your moisturiser, and I've been following the instructions as closely as I can. To get those 3 drops out you flip the bottle upside down making sure it's pointed into the palm of your hand, and then you press the bottom of the bottle which makes the product come out.

I've been mixing it with my current moisturiser; La Prairie's Advanced Marine Biology Revitalizing Emulsion. I'm not sure if it matters what moisturiser you mix it with, but I imagine some might be more ideal than others. For one I don't think I would try and mix this with a moisturiser containing SPF, though I might be completely wrong and that would be absolutely fine. I will say it's worked perfect with my Marine Biology Emulsion though!

I've used the Glow Booster for three consecutive days, applying it in the mornings only. By the end of day one I had a nice healthy glow reminiscent of the effects I get using the Clarins Liquid Bronze. End of day two I was noticeably more tanned. My skin was looking like I'd just spent a few days poolside in Santorini (I wish!). The tan was even, completely natural and glowy. I've been mixing two foundations together lately; one too dark and one too light, this evening the foundation a bit too dark for me was perfect. By the end of day three I was even more tanned, but decided it was time to stop. Partly because I was scared I'd start getting orange if I continued, partly because I'm too lazy to self-tan my body and mega tanned face + white hands aren't a good look. Oh, and none of my foundations or concealers matched my skin tone anymore.

I must admit that I was a bit sceptical of this before using it. I always am a bit sceptical of new products, as I'm sure a lot of you are as well. It's gone way above and beyond any expectation I had! I was hoping it might give similar results to the glow and barely any colour I get from using the Liquid Bronze - but I am writing this with a face more tanned than my daily SPF 50 has allowed for a few years.

It's typical that just now as I was getting used to being my pale self this product comes along. Just as I was getting used to being extremely careful with the amount if pigments I put on my face, and was happy keeping it all very low key and natural.. Just now the easiest way to self-tan in history (well, mine at least!) comes into my life. That's just the thing here.. this takes no effort - none! Just mix it in with your moisturiser and go about your day. SPF goes on top, makeup goes on top. You are still getting the benefits of your skincare and the moisturiser meaning you're not drying your skin out like usually when going for the self-tan option. I honestly can't recommend this one enough. I think I've just found another favourite, a 'holy grail' if you will!

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