Favourites: April 2014

Spring is in full effect here in Norway and I've been loving the sunny days, warm weather and getting back into wearing bright fun colors on my nails and lips. May will be full of exams for me, so if the blog doesn't get updated much that will be why. For now, let's get into some of my favourites for the past month.


Review: Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs in 07 Les Cuirs

Les Cuirs is that palette that everyone should own, but keep skipping in favour of something more exciting or limited edition. I think we all get so caught up in the glitter and colourful palettes we sometimes think an all-brown all-matte offering is too boring, yet it's those palettes we'd actually get most use out of, most of us anyway.



Review: Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ UVA

I picked this sunscreen up on a bit of a whim last year. Kiehl's had just opened it's first store in Norway which put me in a bit of a spending mood. Having just run out of sunscreen plus having heard raves upon raves about the Kiehl's sunscreen I figured it was the perfect time to try this one myself. One year later I'm onto my second tube and I figured with summer fast approaching, it's high time I wrote up a review on what has become one of my all-time favourite sunscreens.


Tom Ford Lip Color in 07 Pink Dusk

Ladies and Gentleman, meet one of my favourite lipsticks; Pink Dusk by Tom Ford. Tom Ford is up there with my absolute favourite brands, though I realised the other day that I have yet to really feature anything about the brand on the blog. At least through reviews, I've featured many products in Favourites posts, and deservedly so. Pink Dusk is one of them.


Review: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

That really is the famed Elasticizer in the pictures, I guess they just forgot to put a label on it. None-the-less it's a nice enough white jar full of heavenly goodness for your hair. You've probably heard about this one before, but here's my take on it.



Empties: March 2014 Part 1

So this happened last month. I meant to post an empties post midway through the month, but didn't get around to it so here I am. Two bags full of empty products! Overall a good thing, but that's a lot of product to write about so I've decided to make this a two-parter. Especially as I've I've also filled up a small box of makeup in addition to this that I am giving away to family and friends. I made a lot of space in my storage units the past month - which is right on trend as it is the time for spring cleaning!
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