Review: Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs in 07 Les Cuirs

Les Cuirs is that palette that everyone should own, but keep skipping in favour of something more exciting or limited edition. I think we all get so caught up in the glitter and colourful palettes we sometimes think an all-brown all-matte offering is too boring, yet it's those palettes we'd actually get most use out of, most of us anyway.

Les Cuirs means leather, which creeps me out a bit, but when looking at the colours it's a fitting name. It has four colours; one very light beige, one slightly darker than nude warm beige colour (far right), a medium almost taupe (but not!) brown and finally a darker brown with tiny gold glitters in it.

I use this palette many ways. I've used the second lightest colour to the right all over for a really natural look, I've combined it with the lightest shade in the tear duct and with the bottom darker brown through the crease. I sometimes add a bit of the darkest shade to the "V" for added depth and a bit more drama, and sometimes I add a lot. The darkest shade, as well as the second darkest shade, is also gorgeous as an all over smokey eye. The glitter in the darkest shade is barely noticeable on the lids, it's main purpose is more to make the colour a bit more interesting.

In sunlight

With flash

In the shade

In terms of application the colours are a breeze to blend and sheer out. Be careful to apply a very sheer base underneath as it can look a bit cakey if you've got too much foundation and/or base underneath.

I've pretty much always used a Painterly or Bare Study Paint Pot underneath so I'm not sure how long these last without one, but with they last pretty much the whole day. I also set my makeup with either Urban Decay's All Nighter or De-Slick. I have applied this once or twice without any base and while it does show up, it's definitely much nicer with and gives a much better colour payoff.

I really wanted to write this review as this has become one of my absolute favourite products in my collection that I reach for on a very regular basis. Whenever I've used something else since getting it it's mostly been due to me making myself use other products, especially as I have a few I've been wanting to finish.

Les Cuirs isn't the most interesting or special palette, and there are certainly dupes available from plenty of brands and in all kinds of price brackets. Still, Les Cuirs is a really great piece of makeup that I really recommend, should you be in the market for a palette that is neutral, perfect for travel and that you will definitely get a lot of use out of!



  1. I've been eyeing guerlain eyeshadows for a while...but let's be honest here, I've been eyeing everything guerlain! Everything from them is so stunning


    1. He he! Guerlain is one of the most over-all visually stunning brands there is! I'm keen on the 6 eyeshadow palettes, have you seen the packaging on those? Gorgeous!! :)


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