Review: Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ UVA

I picked this sunscreen up on a bit of a whim last year. Kiehl's had just opened it's first store in Norway which put me in a bit of a spending mood. Having just run out of sunscreen plus having heard raves upon raves about the Kiehl's sunscreen I figured it was the perfect time to try this one myself. One year later I'm onto my second tube and I figured with summer fast approaching, it's high time I wrote up a review on what has become one of my all-time favourite sunscreens.

The Daily UV Defense comes in a sleek, long and white tube with a flip cap. It's simple as per Kiehl's signature packaging and it holds 60 ml of product. The sunscreen is white and has no scent. The consistency is not completely fluid, it's a bit thicker, but when you start applying it it spreads across the skin really easily.

The Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense as it comes out of the tube

It doesn't leave a white cast. The only time I've found it did was when I had applied too much. When applying too much I found it also didn't absorb completely and I had a quite uncomfortably sticky face for the day. So do make sure you don't apply too much! When you don't it absorbs fairly quickly, leaves no white cast as mentioned and no greasy feeling residue. You can feel it a bit on your skin for a while after applying it though. Not a problem when I'm applying makeup on top, but when I'm not I can kind of feel it sitting on my skin for a while. I can cope because I love it so much otherwise, but that's a heads up for those of you that can't stand that feeling.

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense immediately after blending it across my hand, almost undetectable except for a slight sheen.

Like mentioned I do apply makeup on top of this, usually with a primer in between, and I've had absolutely no problems. It works very well as a base. If you want to apply makeup straight on top I would say a primer is necessary due to the slightly tacky feel that takes a while before disappears. I always use a primer anyway, but I would be concerned that without one the makeup might cling to the sunscreen in some places, especially if you use powder foundation.

The main reason I love this so much is I find my skin does. When going back to this consistently I immediately notice my skin is less congested. I wear SPF 50 every day so finding a sunscreen that doesn't clog my pores is really important. This one doesn't, and while I love the fact that it's non-scented, leaves no white cast or greasy residue, the main reason I'm "addicted" is the fact that my skin simply looks better when I use it.

Finding a sunscreen that doesn't mess with your skin can be challenging. Especially if you've got problematic skin to begin with. You also can't skip sunscreen then especially as problematic skin + no sunscreen is a recipe for disaster in terms of hyperpigmentation and scarring. If you're still on the hunt for your sunblock soulmate, I would recommend giving the Kiehl's Daily Defense a try.



  1. I love your blog it is so easy to read. If you could pop kindly around to mine I would really appreciate it. happy blogging xxx

  2. Hi Ellie! This is exactly what I needed to read thank you! I own this primer but have never used it because a) I was worried whether a primer would work with it and b) I was worried it would make me break out. You've put my mind at ease so am going to give mine a go now!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. Hey Stacey! So happy you enjoyed the post! Everyones skin is different so of course I can't guarantee anything, but it seems a lot of people enjoy this one so hopefully you will too! Let me know how you get on with it :) x


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