Tom Ford Lip Color in 07 Pink Dusk

Ladies and Gentleman, meet one of my favourite lipsticks; Pink Dusk by Tom Ford. Tom Ford is up there with my absolute favourite brands, though I realised the other day that I have yet to really feature anything about the brand on the blog. At least through reviews, I've featured many products in Favourites posts, and deservedly so. Pink Dusk is one of them.

Pink Dusk comes in the now infamous Tom Ford packaging; mahogany brown with gold accents. It's sturdy, of good weight and is also of very good quality. There's nothing flimsy here, and the cap will never fall off accidentally. At least none of my have.

Tom Ford lipsticks are one of my favourite formulas, and the favourite when I want a full-on lipstick. They are highly pigmented and with a semi-shiny finish much like the one you naturally have to your lips. I also find I need no lipliner with any of them, and they last until I eat or take them off. They've even lasted through a few smaller meals. All this without drying the lips out either.

Now for the color I'm talking about in this review; Pink Dusk. It's a gorgeous nude color, perfect for anyone with a bit more pigment in their lips. A "my lips but better" shade. When applied you can barely tell I've got lipstick on, but they are more defined and I get a much more polished all over look than if I were to skip a lip product. My lips are all uniform color, and the pigmentation of Pink Dusk does "cover" everything, it's just that it's so close to my natural coloring. 

I love to use this for any occasion. I use it when going to class, at work, having dinner, having drinks.. you name it, I've used this. It's not as fun as putting on a bright red or fuchsia lipstick, and I do love my bright lipsticks, but sometimes I just can't be bothered. I'm sure you can all relate. 

I use Pink Dusk when I want to look polished, I want to wear a lipstick, but I don't want to bother with checking on my lipstick all day or night. If this wears off, I can easily just swipe on another layer and I'm good to go. 

Above; in direct sunlight, Below; in the shade.

The color of Pink Dusk, as you can see from the swatches above is a pinky nude, but with a bit more depth to it, as you can see from the picture taken in the shadow. You might find it looks a lot darker here than other swatches online, but I've taken that to be due to me being very pale, especially on the inside of my arm at the end of a long winter. 

Pink Dusk is my third addition to my building Tom Ford "collection". I also own Casablanca and True Coral - both also absolute favourites. I can't fault the formula of these, at least not for my personal needs and wants in a lipstick and I know I will be buying more shades from the range. They are the perfect lipstick in my book, I can not recommend them enough.



  1. I've been eyeing tom ford lippies for a while now....I might wait until I can head out to a CCO! They're like $33 dollars there!


    1. Oh wow that's really cheap!! If you find TF lipsticks for that price then definitely try some - they are amazing!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Absolutely! One of my favourites! :) x

  3. Aww it's sooo pretty! I bet it looks amazing with a smokey eye.

    Cat at OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

    1. It looks amazing with everything he he! But it's perfect with a dark eye, definitely! :)

  4. Gorgeous shade, I'm actually getting this colour for my birthday next month and I can't wait to try it, it sounds amazing!!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

    1. What a nice birthday present, lucky you!! You will love it, I know it, it's foolproof!! :) xx


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