Empties: May 2014

This month I finished quite a few skincare staples and some items that I've been working on for a while. I also decided to get rid of a few more nail polishes and some lip products. It's funny how hard it used to be for me to let go of products about a year back, yet now it just gets easier and easier. There's also some makeup items in this post from my 14 Products to Use Up in 2014 project which is always especially exciting!

Acqua di Parma - Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri 1.2ml - here -
This was nice. It's a fresh citrus scent, but nothing too special that I will purchase the full size. I prefer other citrus scents over this, personally.

Reem Acra - Eau De Parfum 1.5ml - here -
This was lovely. It's a heavier scent, but still girly. I can't get Reem Acra in Norway, otherwise I would probably consider this.

Roberto Cavalli - Eau De Parfum 1.2ml - here -
If you love Estee Lauder's annual Bronze Goddess releases, but hate that it's only available once a year - this might be the answer to your prayers. This is a classic "suntan lotion" perfume if there ever was one, and I don't think anyone can smell this without being transported to some far away beach.

Rodial - Stemcell Super-food Facial Oil 1ml - here -
I don't remember anything about this at all. Which probably means it was nothing special, nor especially bad.

Eve Lom - Eye Cream 1 ml - here -
Don't remember much about this either, so I guess it was rather unremarkable.

REN - Keep Young and Beautiful Anti-Ageing Eye Cream 3ml - here -
This however, I love. I've used samples of this before, and loved it each time. I used this as my night time eye cream and every morning the area around my eyes were really well moisturised and looking healthy. I might give this a go one day when I'm out of eye cream.

La Prairie - Sun Protection Lotion Body SPF 30 7ml x 2 - here -
I've used this on my chest and arms as the weather has been lovely here lately. It's a nice SPF, and it smells really nice. I just don't think it's that much better than other body sunscreens that are less than half of half the price of this!

Max Factor - Nailfinity 732 Percolated Pink 10ml - here -
I'm continuing with my purging and I'm letting go of more nail polishes. This is a lovely color, but it's just too old and not something I want to paint my nails with.

Rimmel - 60 Seconds in 610 Pompous 8ml and I Love Lasting Finish in 080 Black Cab, 180 Purple Pulse and 239 Your Majesty - here -
These are all also just too old. They are lovely colors that I got a lot of wear out of a good few years back, but it's time to throw them away. I've stopped buying nail polishes for now, otherwise I would have bought quite a few from the Chanel summer collection! Hopefully I will have downsized considerably by this time next year, where I would then want to only buy nail polishes with better ingredients such as Zoya, Kure Bazaar and Deborah Lippman.

OPI - Natural Nail Base Coat 15ml - here -
This one I actually finished! Kudos to OPI for making a base coat that I actually could use until the end. Other base coats have always ended up too gloopy and dry around the half way mark, but this one was useable right down to the last bit. The product itself is nice enough, but I will re-purchase something more "natural" as mentioned to replace it, but after my many other base coats are empty or dried up as well.

Borjous Effet 3D Action Baume in 03 Brun Rosé Academic, 06 Rouge Democratic, 18 Transparent Oniric and 46 Rose Lyric 5.7 ml x 4 - review here -
These are lovely and I've used them a lot even though it doesn't really look like it, which surprises me. I've loved the pink one especially - it gave a perfect pink tint to the lips. These are also extremely comfortable to wear and actually hydrate the lips. The reason I'm getting rid of them are, you guessed it, they are expired. If you want to try a new lipgloss from the drugstore, I really really recommend these!

Nars - Deep Throat Lip Gloss 4g - here -
This is another gloss I've loved and it's nearly empty. The smell is a bit off, though it's always smelled a tad strange. I think Nars has recently reformulated these and if memory serves me correctly I think I read somewhere that with the re-formulation, they also got rid of the smell. I hope so because the product was always lovely, and I loved the shade especially, but I could never really get on with that smell.

Soap & Glory - Marvelips! 4.53 g - here -
This got a lot of use when I first bought it and I absolutely loved it! I haven't used it in years and when going through my lip products I realised I've actually had this for around 5 years, so I'm going to have to get rid of it.

Barry M - Lip Liner in 13 - here -
This is horrible. I never liked it, never ended up using it as I'd always take it off and use something else and I cannot for the life of me understand why I have kept it for so long. It pretty much does nothing, it applies almost white to the lips, not pink at all. Thank god it was so cheap.

Maybelline - ColorSensational in 190 Atomic Pink and 630 Velvet Beige - here -
These are fantastic lipsticks, one of the better ones at the drugstore in my opinion. I've been trying to finish the 630 Velvet Beige as part of my 'Products I Want To Finish in 2014', but I realised it just doesn't work for me anymore, plus it's a bit older than I'm comfortable with. I used to absolutely love this colour though, as you can tell by how little is actually left. The Atomic Pink shade unfortunately melted in the sun last summer and since the formula has never been the same. It ends up smudging and going everywhere and it's just not worth the hassle. A shame as I love  the colour, and the formula pre-meltdown.

Lancome - Baume Corps Confort 40ml x 2 - here -
This is a very nice body lotion. It's rich as in it gives a lot of moisture, but it's still light feeling and absorbs rather quickly. It also smells deliciously fresh. I wouldn't be hard pressed to get the full size of this.

Sanctuary - Hand Cream 30ml - here -
This was an ok hand cream. Nothing special, but not bad at all.

Shiseido - Advanced Essential Energy Hand Nourishing Cream 15ml - here -
This is another ok hand cream that isn't anything special, but not at all bad. I especially enjoy how fast it absorbs as I've loved carrying it around in my handbag due to the small size. Not something I'll get the full size of though.

Declare - Hand Cream 50ml - here -
This was rather nice. It gave a lot of good moisture that would last quite a while, but it's still not a favourite and not something I'll be re-purchasing.

Orlane - Firming Serum Neck and Decollete 15ml - here -
This I've used a few times, but realised I have no business using it at 25 and so I'm giving it to my mother. I will say the consistency is a thin white fluid that spreads really easily across the skin and it also smells quite nice, though rather heavily so be aware of that if your skin is sensitive. If anyone is interested in this product, ask me on twitter or instagram in a few weeks and I'll let you know how my mother ended up liking it.

Biotherm - Skin Ergetic Signs of Fatigue Repairing Concentrate 50ml - here -
I LOVE this! I featured this in a favourites post where I promised a full review and while researching it found out it's been discontinued! There's a serum meant to replace it that I've gotten a sample of so we'll see how the new one compares!

Kiehls - Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml - review - here
I've just posted a review on this so I won't go too much into detail in fear of repeating myself, but I will say I adore this serum and I'm missing it already. Not sure if I will re-purchase yet, as I have so many other serums to go through plus of course a couple I would like to try, but I would certainly like to have this back in my little "collection" straight away.

Caudalie - Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet 40ml - review - here -
I adore this moisturiser. It's very basic, but so so lovely. I get most of my "extras" from my serums, and prefer having mostly no-fuzz moisturisers on top. This is light, but moisturises really well and doesn't make me oily. I can't see myself not getting another tube of this in the future.

Fushi - Organic Rosehip Oil 100ml - review here -
This is probably the 15th time I'm featuring this in an empties post, plus there's a full review, so I'm just going to say; still love it, still using it, still re-buying it - and leave it at that!

Aesop - Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser 100ml - review here -
This is the second or third tube of this I've finished. I would re-purchase, but I've received the kind of new Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream so will be going through that huge tube first!

Helena Rubinstein - All Mascaras! Complete Eye Makeup Remover 50ml - here -
This was nice enough, but nothing special. I still think the Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel eye makeup remover is the best.

Avene - Eau Thermale 150ml - here -
Going through my oversized stash the last year has taught me one thing; when persistently using something everyday eventually (for the most part) you will find a way to use it that works. This means that by the time I finish the product I wanted to finish, a lot of the time I end up missing it and wanting to re-purchase it. That's what's happened here. This lingered around in the back of my closet for way too long, but now that I've finally finished it I think I'll actually buy another can of this. This soothes my skin so nicely - I love to spray it across my face after removing my makeup if I'm not doing my night time skincare straight away. It's just so lovely.

La Roche-Posay - Zerosink 150ml
This cult product is just as good as "they" say. It's hard to describe exactly what it does, it just make my skin better. Anyone that's used it will know what I mean!

Caudalie - Beauty Elixir 100ml - reviewhere -
This is another product that just makes skin better where it's hard to describe exactly what it does. I do know it makes my makeup more natural when using as a finishing spray, plus it makes skin glow both with makeup, and after I take it off in the evening. I can't be without this and have already ordered another bottle.

Shiseido - Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener Enriched 75ml - here -
This is a fantastic toner, especially if you have dry skin. It balances the ph levels of the skin as a toner should, but it also nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Kanebo Sensai - Sensai Silk Softening Lotion (Moist) 30ml - here -
This is ok, but I didn't love it. It worked absolutely fine as a toner, but as it didn't impress me as much as for example my favourite Parsley Seed Toner by Aesop.

Shiseido Facial Cotton 60 Sheets x 2 - here -
An indulgence, definitely, but oh so worth it if you don't mind spending the extra bucks.

CB12/SB12 - Mouthwash 250 ml
I don't typically feature mouthwash on here, but I wanted to just make a quick mention of this and say that it's really good for anyone looking for something else to try!

Arran Aromatics - Scented Candle in Wild Gorse and Amber Wood - here -
These are still not my favourite candles, but I do enjoy them nonetheless. Wilde Gorse was a nice sweet floral which was perfect for late spring time, while Amber Wood was not surprisingly more 'woody' and spicy. Both lovely, but I still prefer Diptyque, Cire Trudon and Byredo candles.

Lancome - Bocage Roll-On Deodorant 50ml - here -
This is useless. It' alcohol free, which is nice, but it does nothing otherwise. Will never buy again.

Nivea - Natural Oil Oil Shower 200 ml - here -
I love the L'Occitaine shower oil, and thought I would try this one to see how they compare. They don't, at all. The Nivea Oil Shower is all kinds of ok, but the L'Occitaine is far far superior. Also, the Nivea smells very "soapy" which I don't like, personally.

Como Shambhala - Invigorate Shower Gel 50ml - here -
This product has a fun little story behind it and I've always been intrigued to try it. Therefore I was quite excited when I received this deluxe sample. It's a nice enough shower product, it smells really refreshing with a combination of fruity flavours and mint. It's got sulfates though, as far as I could tell, so not something I would be buying the full size of, otherwise I'd consider it.

Korres - Fig Shower Gel 250ml - here -
This smells delicious. If you love anything fig scented, you'll love this. The shower gel also has a nice consistency, foams up well, but is gentle enough on the skin, or on my skin I should say. Unfortunately this also has sulfates as far as I could tell, so I won't be buying any more Korres shower gels.

Guerlain - Maxi Lash 01 Noir - here -
This is a really nice mascara if you want natural, fluttery lashes. It gives definition, length, seperation and a bit of volume. It's one I see myself trying the full size of.

Yves Saint Laurent - Golden Gloss in 31 6ml - here -
So excited to be finished with this! Those of you following my '14 Products to use up in 2014' will know that this was one of those products. There is a wee bit left at the bottom, but it's kind of dried out and I can't get it out, so I'm declaring it finished!

Dior - Diorshow Iconic Overcurl in 090 10ml - review here -
This has quickly become one of my all-time favourite mascaras, if not the. I still want to get through some more of my mascara samples before buying a new one, but I will definitely be buying this again!

By Terry - Touche Veloutée in 1 Porcelain 6.5 ml - here -
This is another favourite I finished in May. I'm really impressed with how long this lasted me. I've had this since last summer, and used it pretty consistently. It's the best highlighting pen I've ever used - absolutely a recommendation!

Clarins - Cream Blush in 02 Candy 4g - reviewhere -
This isn't a terrible product, but the shade just doesn't work with my skintone. I'm not sure what it is exactly, as it seems so gorgeous when swatched, but on my face it simply does me no favours, which is frankly the only job makeup has to do. I'm not throwing it away, don't worry, but will be giving it to a friend of mine whom I think it will suit more.

Normal: 17
Deluxe Sample: 9
Sample: 8
Makeup Item: 12
Deluxe Sample Makeup Item: 2
Sample Makeup Item: 0
Nail polish: 6
Mini nail polish: 0
Jumbo Size: 0

2014 TOTAL:
Normal: 84
Deluxe Sample: 50
Sample: 68
Makeup Item: 85
Deluxe Sample Makeup Item: 13
Sample Makeup Item: 2
Nail polish: 6
Mini nail polish: 15
Jumbo Size: 5

So there you have it! Those numbers for 2014 are looking really nice, I especially like that I've finished or gotten rid of 85 full sized makeup items! No wonder I've got more space for everything! I've still got tons of makeup left, but it's getting to the point where I love pretty much everything that I've got which was always my goal. How did you guys do last month, did you finish a lot of stuff, have you been trying to get rid of stuff as well? I would also love to know if you've used any of the products I finished, and how you liked them?

Other than that I hope everyone is enjoying the month of June and have something nice to look forward to this summer! We haven't decided what we are doing yet, but we are definitely going to Berlin for a few days, and then maybe Barcelona and a trip to Cannes as usual. Let me know if you have any recommendations on what to do, see, eat and where to shop in Berlin! I've never been before so any recommendations would be nice! :)

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  1. That's a serious amount of empties.
    I'm so bad in that I hate using up products and when they get low I'll just start using tiny bits so that I never have to chuck anything away ahha.

    1. He he I'm like that with makeup I love - once I see a dent I put it away and look for dupes before I dare finish it lol! I'm trying to get better at it! :) xx

  2. I've just discovered your blog and I'm in love! You have great 'taste' in skin care and makeup! This post was a real treat to read since I really love empties posts. :)

    1. Thank you thank you!! What a lovely comment to read! :)

      He he I love empties too! Mine are always super long so you've definitely come to the right blog lol! ;D xx

  3. you have so many empties!!!!
    i did'nt even know lancome made deodorant! and i agree about Clarin's candy blush. i found it really stiff in the pan too.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. He he I know I don't know why, but I've always got tons of stuff! Lol yeah they have quite a line up of all kinds of variations of deodorants as well lol :) xx

  4. i want to try the la roche posay serozinc SO BADLY but we can't get it in america at all it seems! so frustrating :( can't wait to try the shisedo facial cotton...i'm afraid of becoming addicted ;) great empties, ellie! xo, megan

    1. He he yeah I know it's so annoying! I get it sent from France when I run out, but I really wish they would just stock it on feelunique.. it's really weird how it's not available anywhere else! He he there's no going back once you've tried the shiseido coton, but it's def worth it nonetheless! :) xx

  5. good job, as always!! I wasn't totally wowed by the texture of the clarins blushes when I saw them in store, so I didn't end up purchasing one. Have you tried the Diorshow Extase mascara? I think i like that one a bit more than Iconic Overcurl. I'm using a sample of that guerlain mascara too. Good job tossing so much too! I've tossed a few things recently too but didn't keep them for an empties post haha

    1. He he thanks! Yeah the Clarins blushes are a bit of a miss for me.. I think I'll try either the Chanel cream blush or RMS Lip2Cheek next, since my favourite one by Nars has been discontinued.. :( Have you tried any of those?
      I've tried the Extase yes, and absolutely love it, it's one of my favourite mascaras! I find the two different, where the Extase gives more of that "natural fluttery lashes" look while the Iconic Overcurl is much more dramatic, on me at least.. but mascara is such a personal thing I find, everyones lashes are so different!
      Lol you always forget to keep stuff for your empties posts!! xx


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