Review: Indeed Labs Hydraluron

After all the hype surrounding this hydrating serum by Indeed Labs I of course wanted to try it. Unfortunately it wasn't available here for a while, but when it finally launched at Boots here in Norway I was one of the first to pick it up.

Hydraluron comes in a simple, sleek white tube with bright pink on the bottom. It has a twist-off cap. It has a simple look, but it still looks nice in my opinion and very modern. A look that very well reflects the product inside and the company as a whole.

Indeed Labs is a company with a policy that good skin care doesn't have to cost hundreds of pounds. Their products are all simple, packed with good ingredients and comes with an affordable price. Hydraluron retails for around 24 GBP which is by no means super cheap, but when you look at what you get in this tube, and then compare it to other serums with similar ingredients, it's as cheap as this good is going to get.

Hydraluron consists of hyaluronic acid and red marine algae, according the Indeed Labs website. Hyaluronic acid is fantastic for skin that is dry or dehydrated especially, though everyone will probably notice benefits with their skin from using this.

My skin type is normal, but dehydrated. I've seen tremendous results using hydrating serums over the past two years, some of them with hyaluronic acid. What makes Hydraluron so special, in my opinion, is that while it's able to hydrate really well, the skin still stays perfectly matte. No shine, no added greasiness, no trouble keeping foundation on. My skin is more matte using this than any other serum I have, yet it hydrates more than anything else. Now I'm one big lover of glowing skin, but there's a fine line between glowing and down-right oily, and as long as my skin is getting all the moisture it needs, I'd rather add the glow with one of my many highlighting makeup products.

Hydraluron is a fantastic serum well deserving of all the hype it gets. It's also one for everyone. Young and old, and any skin type. For those of you with really oily skin, this could be the answer to your prayers especially as this can give you the moisture you need, which will probably help balance your skin, but without adding to the problem of keeping skin matte.

There are many good hydrating serums out there and you don't have to use this one to get good results. Still, this is pretty cheap, and works just as good as any other of my favourite hydrating serums. If you haven't used hydrating serums before, this is a great place to start. If you've been using them for ever, still check this out. It's really fantastic, cheap and just plain wonderful. I will be buying another tube.

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  1. I was wondering if I should get this for quite some time now... I think it's time for a Boots purchase. :D

  2. i've always wanted to try this, but it isn't easy to get here :/

    1. Yeah I know we only just got in in Norway as well! I think it's slowly being released more and more places though, so you might be able to get it soon! :) I hope cause it's fantastic! :) xx


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