Review: Oribe Signature Moisture Mask

When I last went to buy a new hair mask I knew I wanted to try one by Oribe, but I wasn't sure which one. Following the success of the Shampoo and Conditioner "For Beautiful Color" I thought I was going to try the accompanying mask, but got talked into the 'Signature Moisture Mask' instead. I wasn't a hundred percent sure I'd made the right decision as I left the store, but was excited to try the mask nonetheless.

As we should all be used to by now with Oribe products, this also comes in beautiful packaging. The tub is round, but kind of "wavy" all around. The Signature Moisture Mask comes in black, as does the whole "Signature" line. There's the Oribe logo on the top and the cap kind of "clicks" shut, which is always nice. Inside there is an extra protection layer, though I don't see this leaking anywhere as it's all very secure.

You get 175 ml of product for 54 GBP or 57 USD which makes it a whole lot more expensive than for example a Kerastase mask which is 200 ml for 20 GBP at Feelunique.com.

The mask is white in colour and of a thick consistency, but "blends" across the hair easily. I've found I don't need much at all to cover my hair, and I have quite long hair. Not surprisingly it also smells amazing. The smell is similar to the Shampoo and Conditioner in the red bottles that I'm currently using, and I do think they might smell the same.

I tend to leave the mask on or a few hours if I have the time, and get the best results this way. I have left it on for under an hour or just about 15-20 minutes some times and while it still leaves my hair in good condition, the results are far better when left on for longer.

The Signature Moisture Mask is meant to mainly moisturise and not much else. I've previously bleached and coloured my hair a lot, which has meant I've had to use reconstructing, protein and really heavy deep conditioners. If your hair is in such condition, this wouldn't be the mask for you, at least not only this mask. As I've stopped bleaching my hair, and cut way way down on colouring it, I've found my hair these days only really need moisture. That of course, makes this mask perfect for me.

The best thing about using a lighter mask is that I get a lot more "easy volume". This doesn't weigh my hair down like heavy masks do, and only slightly more than using a quick "everyday conditioner". If you've got really fine hair that is easily weighed down, but also really dry this could be perfect for you if only left on for a shorter time.

When I rinse this mask my hair is amazingly soft, weightless and shiny for days. It also smells absolutely amazing. I keep wanting to try the "red mask" by Oribe just to see what the hype is all about, but I think my conclusion for this one must be that I still did get the right mask for me in the end. If your hair needs moisture more than anything else, or in combination with more reconstructive treatments - then I would highly recommend giving this a try!

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  1. I haven't heard of this mask before, but I've been looking for a good one for ages. My hair is also dry so this might be really good for it - lovely post :) xx


    1. You'll love it I'm sure! :) Oribe is a fabulous brand all around so if you haven't tried any of their products before I really recommend giving the whole range a go! :) xx


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