Favourites: July 2014

July has been an amazing month! The weather in Norway has been absolutely perfect - warm and not a cloud in the sky! I've had holidays for most of the month and have spent the time with family and my boyfriend. I've travelled a bit, but also stayed home and enjoyed doing nothing. The month has been fun in terms of makeup, somewhat surprisingly. I picked up a few new items in Berlin, and since getting back, that have all met expectations, or beyond.

On the skincare front I've been testing out a few new items, but none that I'm ready to talk about yet. However, I've been very good at using my retinol, Indeed Labs Retinol Reface ( here ) to be specific. With as much sun as I've been getting, I've made sure to use this once or twice a week depending on how my skin felt, and wether I thought it necessary. I've had minor reactions to some retinol products in the past, but this is gentle enough for my skin, whilst still "getting the job done".

This has been featured in so many favourites post, and it's discontinued, so I really should stop. It's my all-time favourite cream blush - Nars Penny Lane ( here ), and I can't help but feature it. In fact, this is the only cream blush I've ever gotten along with. It's a combination of the shade and the formula. It's a cream to powder that blends so easily, yet locks in the pigment where you want it without moving the foundation around. The colour is super natural on me, but also gives a beautiful sculpting effect.. I could go on and on.. please Nars bring this back! For now though, I'm thinking of giving the Chanel cream blushes a try - hopefully I'll find something to replace this with! I just hit pan today so it's starting to be high time I find a replacement!

The newly launched Dior It-Lash Mascara ( here ) was initially a big miss, as it's so natural it doesn't really do anything at all. That was until I tried it on a barely-any-makeup day. I've found the regular mascaras I use can kind of ruin an otherwise very natural look as the lashes quickly look too obviously "mascaraed up". With this however, I get just a hint of black and a tiny bit of definition. This I've been able to use when I really don't want it to look like I'm wearing anything at all, and it works perfectly for that. It's also fabulous as a bottom lash mascara. I think I just might get a full-size tube of this when the sample finishes.

Another new product I tried this month was the limited edition By Terry Tea to Tan ( here ). I bought this when I was in Berlin and fell in love immediately. Not only is the bottle and product beautiful to simply look at (the picture here doesn't even do it half justice), but it gives the most amazing effect. It's purely water-based and really runny - so when applied to the skin everything shines through, it only adds a bit of colour. It's like a skin stain - but a seriously natural one. As a daily user of SPF 50 and regular exfoliating treatments I am a regular sufferer of pale face/not as pale body. This has been my hero product to fix this. I apply this straight to the skin and after apply a darker foundation shade than I would have been able to otherwise, and one that matches the rest of my body. Genius!

The Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB SPF 20 in Light ( here ) is another recent purchase. I tried a sample back in June, and as I mentioned in my empties post for that month I fell in love with it the first time I tried it. This gives barely any coverage at all, it simply evens out skin tone and a bit of the texture of the skin. It's perfect for the aforementioned days when you don't want it to look like you are wearing makeup.

I've also pulled out a limited edition spring release - the Dior 204 Porcelaine nail polish ( review ). I couldn't quite get into it back when I first got it, but the bright blue colour has been perfect to use this month. It works a lot better with a bit more tanned skin. This also has staying power like nothing I've ever seen before - this stayed on my nails for a whole week with only minor chipping at the absolute end!

This is also a new product. The Korres Antispot Hand Cream with Organic Almond Oil & Vitamin C SPF 15 ( here )not only has the longest name for a hand cream I've ever seen, it's also genius. We all know hands are the first to age, and while most of us are getting on top of using hand cream regularly, we really need to add some SPF into the mix. This has both SPF and vitamin c to fight free radicals and melanin clusters. Simply brilliant!

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  1. If you like Penny lane so much You should try Chanel Destiny Cream Blush! Its my all time favorite blush-bronzer hybrid zero orange-ness and beautifully blendable! I cannot rave about it enough!! :D


    1. I've been looking at swatches of Destiny online and it looks gorgeous! Thank you so much for the recommendation - I think I just might give that a go! :) xx


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