Review: Aesop Fabulous Face Oil

As a lot of you may know, Aesop is one of my favourite brands. I love everything about them. The products, the gorgeous scents of them, the stores, the packaging, and the prices are pretty affordable too. At least compared to the likes of La Prairie, La Mer, Omorovicza and so on. One of the first things I actually got from Aesop last year was their famous Fabulous Face Oil and as I'm just now reaching the bottom of the bottle, I figured it was right about the time to write a review.

The Fabulous Face Oil comes in signature Aesop packaging - brown glass bottle to protect the product from sunlight and with the white and black label. It has a black rubber dropper for dispensing the product, and the whole thing is rather small in size, but contains 25ml. A little less than the typical 30ml.

This is something of a serum/oil, more precisely a treatment oil. Aesop say on their website "Nine carefully selected botanicals deliver exceptional hydrating and fortifying benefits to detoxify, smooth and balance normal or patchy skin, with a non-greasy finish. Suited to all seasons, cities and skin types.

The oil is of a semi-thin/thick consistency, meaning right there in the middle. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin when it's new, though it's definitely thickened up a slight bit over the months I've been using it. It does balance the skin beautifully. I've tended to use this when skin has felt a little off, a bit congested, a bit confused - this soothes it over night, balances the moisture levels, and by morning I feel that everything is back to "normal" and I can get back to my regular treatments and serums and all will be well.

This isn't something I would recommend as your only serum. It doesn't do unbelievably amazing things. If you are in your very early twenties, sure, you might not need much else, but if you are a bit older, or have a (or several) specific concerns with your skin, this isn't going to fix everything. You will wake up with a glow, as with most oils, and it will make skin healthy, moisturised while balanced, plump and radiant. But it won't fade your scars or pigmentation, tighten the skin, even the skin tone and so on.

Not that I want to take anything away from this serum. It's a true gem, and one I will miss once it's gone, unless I re-purchase, which I really just might do. It's good for nourishment, for giving your skin "a hug" when it kinda needs one, and it's really good for when your skin is acting and feeling a bit weird, and you don't know what you should apply. Then you apply this, and by morning your skin will feel good, comfortable and it will be like nothing ever happened! Like an argument that later no one really remembers what was all about.

Technicality-wise this is clear in colour and has of course an amazing scent. If you like nothing about Aesop's products, at least you have to appreciate the scents. This one smells soothing, but intoxicating all at the same time. It's a beautiful little "experience" to have right before bed time. While this does moisturise rather well, and it might be enough for people with oilier skin types to use on it's own, I've used this as a serum, and applied a night cream on top. I do tend to let this sit for a little while before applying the night cream so it can absorb a bit first. It takes absolutely ages to absorb, longer than I'm waiting for so my night cream definitely gets a bit mixed in with this. That is why I would recommend sticking this into your night routine and night routine only. At least eventually. I remember it being a lot thinner in consistency at first, being absorbed much faster, and being a lot less greasy. It has a 12 month expiration date and I bought it last fall so it's still good, but know that the consistency does change a bit.

This is a fabulous face oil, truly, and another one of those I have to agree with Aesop, probably suits all skin types. It's a beautiful nourishing treatment, soothing and comfortable, smells wonderful and feels really good on the skin. You just can't really go wrong with this one, which is why I love having it on hand. With all the products I use, it's nice to have some uncomplicated ones as well. Some that always give you the same result, and that doesn't do anything too much of anything fancy, when your skin just needs a bit of a break.

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  1. Such a detailed review! I have been curious about this, but never really came across a whole hearted review! Do you think I need to top it with a night cream if I have combination skin? I usually find layering products over facial oils a bit much.. but with serums yeah I need a moisturiser!


    1. Thank you! You might not need a night cream on top. If you get it try it without one and you'll see if it works well enough! If your skin is comfortable in the morning, and not tight or ashy looking, then it will be enough to use on it's own! :) xx

  2. I have been meaning to try Aesop products for ages, love the sound of this, it may have to be my first product. xx


    1. Aesop is a great brand, you definitely should try it! This would be a good choice for a first purchase! :) xx


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