Review: Creme De La Mer The Lip Balm

You all know my love affair with the infamous Creme de La Mer by now (I just bought another tub), but another product from the brand I'm just as in love with is their equally famous and raved about lip balm.

The Lip Balm comes in a plastic green container that is partly see-through. It has a silver lid with 'Creme de La Mer' written on top. The product itself is glossy and see through when applied to the lips, and looks pretty much the same way in the box.

When applied you will notice the chocolate mint flavour - it's delicious! The consistency is very emollient, and not too thick, but you will definitely feel it sitting on your lips - but in a good way. It's slippery in that it applies very easily across the lips, and you can apply it in just a quick second.

My lips are generally quite dry. I reach for lip balm frequently, and generally freak out if I realise I've forgot to take one with me in my handbag. It's a handbag emergency only second to realising I've forgotten hand cream.

When I use this day and night, I find I don't need to apply lip balm as frequently. This all of course depends on the conditions of the weather, season and if I am drinking enough water, but on average I still notice a difference between this and a lot of other lip balms.

This also doesn't rub off too easily. It does come off a bit when taking a sip from a glass, but most of it will still be there. Even after it's all either rubbed off or absorbed my lips do not immediately feel dry or like I need to apply more. In fact I don't feel any need to re-apply at all. That being said, this does stay on the lips for a very, very long time before it gets absorbed, which I personally prefer, but each their own.

I own a lot of lip balm, and a lot of really good ones as well. Still the La Mer Lip Balm has managed to stand out as one of my firm favourites, a must-have and one I will most definitely re-purchase. That makes two products from the line I'm now officially addicted to - I am a mix of worried and excited to venture onto even more products by the luxurious brand.

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  1. What a luxurious product. Thanks for sharing your detailed review on it, Ellie! I'm sending you an email about a possible collab idea we could do :) xo, Megan


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