Review: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit

Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit is a product I've been meaning to write about for a long time. It's been a staple in my collection since getting it, quite some time ago. Benefit has changed the packaging since I got mine, but the product is still the same - and for once, that's a really good thing.

Birthday Suit is packaged in the typical round glass pot with a black plastic lid. Mine does anyway. The newer ones come in a sun-like shaped pot with a see-through lid. To apply I've experimented with different brushes, but still prefer just using my fingers. I'll dab a little on, and then blend with a clean finger for a really natural look.

The product itself has the most incredible texture. It's the creamiest, softest to the touch cream shadow I've ever used. Still after owning it for longer than I should, it's got that same beautiful consistency and texture. It's not even a bit dried up.

The colour is what makes Birthday Suit especially good. While it just looks like your very typical bronzy brown in the pot, when swatched you'll notice it has a bit of a taupe effect. This let's Birthday Suit make a lot of impact, even when worn very lightly. The taupe in it gives the eye a lot of definition, even when worn as natural as can be. Not that this has to be worn sheered out - you can build it up for more impact and it looks just as good, only, of course, a bit different. Both ways, it's beautiful as an all-over lid colour worn alone, but can of course also be paired with other shades and colours.

I've never used this as a base, so I can't comment on that. It would probably work well as a base, if applied in a very thin layer. I have dabbed a bit of translucent loose powder on top, to matte it down and this has worked well for that purpose, so that's another way to use it.

Lasting power is fantastic. When applying this you have a bit of time to blend it out, but when it sets, it sets for the day. It stays put until you remove it in the evening. There's a bit of fading, sure, but everything still looks nice, and not at all patchy.

Most of you probably already own this, or have at least heard it raved about either on youtube or a blog post or two. If you've been getting a bit fed up with over-hyped products that never seem to really deliver - I wrote this post to tell you that this one isn't over-hyped at all. This deserves all of the glory it gets - and then some. This has the perfect colour, the product is great, has an amazing consistency, doesn't dry out and stays on all day - what more could one really ask for?

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  1. Such a stunning shade, I'm loving eye make-up products like this! The packaging of yours is gorgeous!

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. It's the best cause you can aalways use it! Either sheered out for a quick natural look, or pile some more on for a more intense taupe smokey eyed look! :D xx

  2. Their cream eye-shadows are my favourite, R.S.V.P is a great one to have.I love how buttery they are they smooth out well

    1. Ooh was looking at swatches of R.S.V.P now - it's stunning! Thank you for the tip, I might have to try that - gorgeous! :) xx

  3. omg ellie this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE makeup product! i'm so happy you love it too! i can't wait to finish up another cream shadow and then repurchase :)))) xox, megan

    1. He he yeah I remember you mentioning it on your channel! I can definitely understand you want to re-purchase, I imagine I'd miss this a lot if I finished it, it's just such a staple in my collection! :) xx

  4. Ohh i've tried the Benefit eyeshadow bases and I have to agree with you! The texture of these are soo creamy, I just love it!
    And I think I need to add Birthday suit to my collection after I saw the swatch! >.<

    1. He he I think you definitely do! If you love the formula, then this shade is fantastic! Super wearable! I think you'll love it!! :) xx


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