Review: Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser

I've been having quite the love affair with Omorovicza products lately. I've always had my eyes on the brand, and tried a good few of their products last year (and loved all of them). I've wanted to clear out my backups before delving into the undoubtedly expensive brand, and as I've finally managed to clear out most of my clutter I figured it was the right time to treat myself. Of course it didn't hurt (or help matters, depending on how you look at it) that I got a sample of this last month that made a massive impact with just two days use. Like I said in my empties - I almost didn't have a choice on wether or not to buy this - it was just too good!

Omorovicza's Balacing Mosturiser comes in a tall glass bottle with a pump. I absolutely love it when creams come in pump bottles as it's so easy and very hygienic. The only thing I miss with the packaging is a lid. I feel a lid would let me feel a bit "safer" travelling with this, as just this way I'm too nervous the very expensive moisturiser might accidentally leak out. There is a lock mechanism that works by twisting the pump to the right, but we all know how easily that can get undone. Regardless, I do love the packaging in every other way and it also has a very sleek and elegant look.

The cream itself is white and creamy, but very light and spreads easily across the skin. This is a lighter moisturiser, so it doesn't take very long to absorb. One of the first things you'll notice when using this is that it is indeed a heavily fragranced product. The fragrance is both lovely, and a bit dated - at least to my nose. It definitely smells sophisticated and not at all cheap, but it also brings back memories of going to the salon with my grandmother when I was very young. It doesn't smell like Elnett, not by a long shot, but it's a very peculiar one that you just might love or hate. That being said, the scent doesn't linger for much longer than application, so it shouldn't be a deal breaker.

Besides the scent there's only good things to say about the Balancing Moisturiser. It's light, but still gives good hydration. I've got normal, but dehydrated skin and usually have to opt for heavier moisturisers to escape that uncomfortable tight feeling where my skin is more dry. That's ok in the winter, when my skin is pretty dehydrated all over, but in the summer my skin turns more combination and a too heavy moisturiser during the day can get a bit uncomfortable, especially when trying to keep my makeup on all day. On those hot summer days when when it's so hot I don't even really want to put makeup on,  I definitely prefer as thin layers as possible - and the Balancing Moisturiser is perfect for those days. You don't feel that you are wearing this at all. If things get especially warm and you start sweating a bit, this isn't one of those moisturisers that then end up sitting on top of your skin making you feel even more sweaty than you actually are. This sinks in and works it's magic, but after it's absorbed you don't "feel it" again. Skin just feels clean, matte and comfortable - and it stays like that all day long.

When I use the Balancing Moisturiser my skin keeps matte all day - without needing any more moisture. It doesn't feel tight or uncomfortable. It's a wonder cream, to say the least. It also helps clear skin up by the end of the day. As with all of my Omorovicza products, it only takes a days use to see noticeable improvement in my skin. If I've got any kind of breakout, or an area that is definitely getting a bit "agressive" - this helps soothe the skin, and gets rid of most of it. It's truly incredible. I also notice the texture of my skin is nicer, as well as pores being much less noticeable. Omorovicza products don't have any silicones, so it's not just a bunch of those either.

This cream has become one of my secret weapons and an instant favourite. Paired with my La Mer during the evenings, and I've really found my perfect moisturisers. I suspect this might not give enough moisture for my skin in the winter, but I've got my sights on one of their two heavier day creams for when the snow starts coming around. This is definitely expensive for something seemingly basic, but when it's this good I find it to be worth it. Like most of us in the beauty community say again and again; I don't mind paying if I know it works. And this definitely delivers.

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  1. ohh i wonder if this is in the omorovicza kit i bought ages ago!!

    1. I hope so you'll love it I think!! :) xx


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