Empties: September 2014

Sorry for the picture seeming kind of flipped to the side. I didn't think of making the products face the way I would be taking the picture, rather than where I was standing when laying them out. Quite silly of me, but lesson learned! For now, if you don't mind tilting your head to the side! September has been a long month. I've gone from having just started school to starting to plan for exams already. There's also been a few personal things, a funeral, but a lot of nice experiences as well. I went to Dublin for a long weekend, which was very nice. I did a bit of shopping, eating, and visiting. I'm also a bit in "spring-cleaning" mode, or fall-cleaning as it would be. I've been clearing out closets, really trying to use body and hair care products up.. I always get this way in the fall, instead of spring. I think it might be because I still see the "new year" as starting in the fall.. I know it doesn't technically, but as a student it just makes more sense. However, this is supposed to be about empties and not my cleaning habits, so I'll shut up now and move onto the quite a few products I got through the last month!


Finish 5 By Fall Finale!

This whole thing has been a bit of a fail for me. First of all I didn't choose products all that wisely - as in I didn't really finish anything. Then I managed to accidentally delete the pictures I had taken for my monthly update. By the time I realised it was already about a week into september and I thought I might as well wait until the end. Then I did make a lot of progress in the time after and realised I should've still taken the pictures, but at that point it was really too late. Oh well, I'll take you through the progress I've made and there's a bit of reflection at the end.


Review: La Mer The Powder

Following my infatuation with the La Mer moisturiser, and then the lip balm it was only fitting I move on to their makeup line. 'The Powder' gets a good amount of raves on youtube, and I see it featured in many Instagram photos, but haven't seen too many full blog reviews on it. I thought I'd change that, and if you've read my other La Mer reviews, yes this is another rave..


Empties: August 2014

Another month, another empties post. This month I didn't finish a ton of stuff, at least compared to how much I usually finish. I have, however, finished a whole lot just the first few days of September so it's already looking like my September Empties post will be a bit of a legendary one. For now, however, I'll get on with a few short reviews and thoughts on the products I did finish in August.


Review: Clarins Instant Definition Mascara

Having previously been very impressed with the few Clarins' mascaras I had tried I was very excited to try their Instant Definition Mascara. I find the Clarins mascaras barely get any mention in the online beauty community and was excited to be trying a mascara without any preconceptions. Unfortunately, sometimes when there's no mention of a product it's because no one's had anything nice to say..


Favourites: August 2014

August has been a long month. We've gone from full-on summer to colder fresh fall winds by the end. I went to Rome for a week, started school and then finally rounded it all up by getting the flu. I've officially been knocked out for a week and I feel horribly stressed by everything I've got to do to catch up, but I'm sure I'll be alright soon enough. If you were wondering why there was a lack of updates on the blog, now you also know why. Through the changing weather and daily routines I've switched out a lot of products, but a few items have been used solidly from beginning til end and those are the ones I will be sharing with you today.
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