Review: Clarins Instant Definition Mascara

Having previously been very impressed with the few Clarins' mascaras I had tried I was very excited to try their Instant Definition Mascara. I find the Clarins mascaras barely get any mention in the online beauty community and was excited to be trying a mascara without any preconceptions. Unfortunately, sometimes when there's no mention of a product it's because no one's had anything nice to say..

Clarins' Instant Definition Mascara comes in a sleek square golden tube, now somewhat of a signature style of Clarins' makeup. There's no writing on the product except for a subtle 'C' on the handle, and a little sticker on the bottom with the name and colour. The brush however, is where things get a bit different.

The Instant Definition Mascara's brush is made up of both natural and plastic bristles. The first bit has natural bristles packed quite closely together, a very typical mascara brush to be honest. The tip of the brush however, has plastic bristles. These are much smaller, shorter and spread around the wand much more sparsely than the natural bristles. My guess is the small tip of the brush is meant to help with precision - this being either for the shorter inner corner lashes, the bottom ones and possibly for separating lashes that have clung together.

Not that it works that great at all of those. Honestly, it's only good for reaching the inner-corner lashes, but even with the small bristles I find the mascara easily ends up on my eyelid. This because the formula is a wet mess, and this is the main story I have to tell you about this mascara.

This mascara has an extremely wet formula. To the point where I rendered it completely useless when first opening it. The mascara literally went everywhere after applying it, even when waiting and keeping my eyes half closed for half a minute. When trying to build it up drops of the mascara would fall off my lashes and down my cheeks, it was dreadful! I decided to leave it back in a drawer and wait for it to dry out a little bit. After two weeks I tried it again, it was a bit better but still way too wet for my preferences.

After about a month it had gotten to a point where I felt I could actually use it, but it was still a wet formula, something I personally don't ever like. It didn't go everywhere, but it also didn't do much for my lashes. It coated them in black, sure, and let me tell you this mascara is one of the blackest mascara's I've used - but that's about it. If I tried building it up, I would get unflattering spidery lashes. Clumping, unnatural, "6 lashes" looks followed. I got no volume, no length and not even a natural look.

There was about two weeks where suddenly this mascara was wonderful. It was dried out enough to finally be able to build up a little, no clumps, no nastiness. Then that period ended and even with it still being a very far distance from dry, somehow it had "dried up" too much and was back to it's usual business of clumping and looking unnatural and weird.

Instant Definition finally saw it's "light" again for a short while when I was using an otherwise wonderfully mascara ( I can't remember which, sorry) that just wasn't black enough. I started using this as a bit of a top coat and it worked wonderfully as that. Like I mentioned, this thing is seriously black so when I wanted a bit more definition to the lashes I'd apply a careful coat of this on top and it would look great.

I've been very impressed with Clarins Mascara's in the past and thought their mascara's were a bit of an undiscovered treasure. Unfortunately this one was an absolute miss for me and not something I'll ever be buying again. If you love wet formula mascara's to the point where they almost can't be liquid enough - you just might like this, love it in fact, but I still wouldn't recommend it, I just can't.

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  1. I have never tried a Clarins Mascara before.Wet formulas are a big pain I can see why this did not work for you!


    1. Yeah I really don't like wet mascaras! Even if I did this was still pretty useless! Oh well, other Clarins mascaras have been good in the past though! If you ever try one just make sure it's not this one! :) xx


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