Products I Want To Use Up: Update #3

It's been about three months since my last update, so I thought it was about the right time to do another one. Especially as I've finished quite a few products! I also wanted to get started on a couple of new ones in decent time before the year ends. To compare the two posts and see my progress, or if you haven't read the last update you can go here.


Review: Chantecaille 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Before we say anything, let's all just take a moment and appreciate just how beautiful this palette is. There are more important things in the world than makeup, of course, but when you delve into the makeup world there truly aren't many brands quite as well executed all around as the ever wonderful Chantecaille. This palette proves it.


Review: Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara

Guerlain is a brand that impresses me over and over. Everything I've ever bought from them I've absolutely loved. When they released their new mascara 'Maxi Lash' last year I received a sample and was immediately very impressed. So much so that I decided to buy the full-size.


Review: Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

Omorovicza is a fantastic brand. I love everything about it. Their products have really good ingredients, and none of the bad ones, packaging is simple but super luxe. They have a smaller, but really nice selection of products and everything I've tried has been absolutely positively amazing. I've written a few Omorovicza reviews on the blog already, but figured it was high time I finally wrote a small piece on their probably most famous product; the Queen of Hungary Mist!


Review: Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo

I'm starting to have a pretty big amount of Tom Ford products in my collection, but realised recently that I haven't reviewed most of them. I figured if I was going to start rolling out Tom Ford reviews, I might as well start with the newest addition. I've been keen to try the Eye Primer Duo for ages, but wanted to wait until I had finished all my other eye primers. I finally bought it this summer as I had the end of my 'Painterly' in sight, and have been using it every day for the past month.


Favourites: September 2014

The past month has been weird in the makeup department. It was fall, but not quite fall yet, so it was a bit confusing what colours felt right. I've been kind of back and forth between fall and summer colours depending on if the sun was shining or not. Through switching colours there were still a few staples I stuck to for the most part, and those are the items I will be talking about today. You may have noticed, I don't have any skincare this month. This is simply because I've written about all of the items I loved this month quite recently. The star skincare item I would have to say was La Mer. I went back to using it every night and my skin has been wonderful for it. Now for the makeup and a very special perfume.
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