Review: Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

Omorovicza is a fantastic brand. I love everything about it. Their products have really good ingredients, and none of the bad ones, packaging is simple but super luxe. They have a smaller, but really nice selection of products and everything I've tried has been absolutely positively amazing. I've written a few Omorovicza reviews on the blog already, but figured it was high time I finally wrote a small piece on their probably most famous product; the Queen of Hungary Mist!

The spritz comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with a spray dispenser. It has a simple plastic see through lid. The spray is very nice. The product comes out in a very fine mist that covers a larger area so you can be good in 2-3 sprays, depending on how big your face is, and how much product you personally prefer to use each time.

I need to give the scent this has it's own section - it's just that good. According to the Omorovicza website this smells of neroli and rose. I'm surprised about the rose as I don't usually enjoy rose scents too much, but I guess Omorovicza just knows how to pull it off. It has orange blossom as an ingredient and I swear I can smell that too.. Either way, this smells absolutely divine. I've used a couple of these mists by now and while there are a lot of wonderful ones, and I do still adore Caudalie's Beauty Elixir, none come close to the scent of this. It's so refreshing, yet soothing at the same time. Spraying this across your face and taking in the spa-like scent is invigorating. If you spot an Omorovicza counter just wander over and spray this all over your face, you'll know what I mean!

There are a few benefits to this spray, it's not just good smelling water. According their website it has orange blossom, rose and sage waters to purify and tone the skin and apple pectin for hydration and "suppleness".

When used as a setting spray, which is how I used this the most, this is heavenly. The scent, like I mentioned, boosts the spirits and really puts me in the right mind-set for starting the day. It also helps make everything look a bit more natural, radiant and helps bring life back to your skin if you've over-powdered. It doesn't do anything for the longevity of your makeup, certainly not, but provides a noticeably nicer finish.

As a refreshing mist this is of course just as delightful. I didn't find this hydrating enough to skip a moisturiser for example after removing makeup, but it has a nice soothing effect on the skin. Where my skin is more dehydrated and has that "tight feeling" after I remove my makeup, this certainly helped a bit until I put moisturiser on. The glass bottle also seems to always keep the product nice and cool which makes this especially nice on hot summer days.

When used as a toner - as in sprayed onto a cotton pad and wiped all over the face (my preferred method) this was all kinds of nice, but not fantastic. I didn't notice the scent as much and the spray dispenser didn't provide enough product on the cotton pad for my tastes, at least not without me feeling like I was using way too much, and this isn't exactly cheap. In all fairness it's not supposed to be used like this really, so I'm not going to take of any points. This does mean however, that I will not be re-purchasing to use for this purpose. There are other toners I enjoy more. It works wonderfully when used as a toner sprayed directly onto the face - as it is meant to, but I just can't break my habit. For years I've been dabbing toner onto a cotton pad and wiping across my face, and I love it, so I'll continue on. Just not with this.

Rotating back to the positivity in this review - this is an excellent product. Since finishing the bottle I've really missed the invigorating scent and effect on my senses. I'm not ready to part with my Caudalie Beauty Elixir yet, and I've still got some left, but I will definitely re-purchase the Queen of Hungary Mist in due time. The two will just have to peacefully co-exist.

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