Review: Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo

I'm starting to have a pretty big amount of Tom Ford products in my collection, but realised recently that I haven't reviewed most of them. I figured if I was going to start rolling out Tom Ford reviews, I might as well start with the newest addition. I've been keen to try the Eye Primer Duo for ages, but wanted to wait until I had finished all my other eye primers. I finally bought it this summer as I had the end of my 'Painterly' in sight, and have been using it every day for the past month.

The primer itself is slightly warm tinted and a bit darker than cult favourite Mac's Painterly. Not to worry though, it doesn't go on very opaque so the colour shouldn't be an issue necessarily. I apply this with my fingers. In the beginning when I first started using this it applied kind of patchy, clung to certain places and didn't spread out very well. I've found that after using it for a bit it's like the product has "warmed up". It's now much more emollient and is much easier and smoother to apply. There is still little to no colour pay-off. That means that if you were hoping this would help cover wains or discolourations, like Painterly does, this isn't your cup of tea. I've been taking the tiniest bit of foundation, typically what is left after doing my face, and gently dabbing it across my lids. This evens out the colour enough for my personal needs, and provides a nice foundation for the eye primer and then any eyeshadow to go on top.

In the cap of this you'll find the powder. It is yellow toned to help brighten and has 'TF' embossed. The powder is incredibly finely milled. I've applied it using the Real Techniques setting brush and this works fine. I've tried using it to set my undereye concealer as well, but I don't find it works that well at this. It also isn't the best at setting the primer, at least that was my initial reaction. I've been using the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder to set both my undereye concealer and eyeshadow primer for about a year now and I think the switch between the two has been difficult for one main reason; the Secret Brightening Powder is loose, the Tom Ford powder isn't.

I'm kind of 'spoiled' with the LM powder as I get a lot of powder, quickly. The Tom Ford is another story. It doesn't kick up a lot of powder and as it's so finely milled it's hard to see where I've applied it and not. This is of course actually a good thing, which is what I wanted to point out. I wasn't enjoying it too much initially, as it's more time consuming. But I can tell that the results are better. The complete layer of primer + powder is much thinner and unnoticeable. That's what I want. I just need to get used to using something so different from what I've used for a long time. I've been using the TF duo for about a month now, and I am noticing that as I'm getting more and more used to the different textures, I'm starting to enjoy it more and more.

Now for how this actually performs. Regardless of application styles and finishes, there's one thing I've been sure of since the first time I used this duo, which is also why I've stuck to it - this makes everything better. I find the eyeshadows I put over this goes on smoother than I've seen before. The colours are enhanced and more vibrant, but the best part is that they don't budge until the evening. The colours stay as they are and where they are supposed to be. In the end almost all eye primers make shadows more vibrant, but how they manage to keep your eye look intact for longer is what sets them apart.

I'm sure you can get equally good results with a less expensive eye primer. The Nars one is supposed to be amazing, Painterly certainly was a product I loved until the end.. But you won't get a powder with those, and it won't be Tom Ford. If you don't care about something being luxurious, you couldn't care less about Tom Ford, or perhaps you are trying to not spend too much money - you certainly don't need this. However, if you love adding a bit of luxury to your collection, if Tom Ford quotes resonate with you every time you read one, or if you just simply love the brand.. then this is very much worth the investment. And this kind of actually is one. As usual with Tom Ford products, this is expensive initially, but you do get two products here and not just one. Take the price of the Nars primer + the Laura Mercier powder, and you have probably passed the total of this anyway.

Personally I couldn't be happier with this. I've had my eye on it for the longest time and when I seemed to be finally reaching the end of my beloved Painterly I decided getting this was a nice reward. Most of you know I've yet to be disappointed in a Tom Ford product, and so my love story with the brand continues. This isn't an absolute must-have item, but if you love a bit of luxury, and I certainly do, this is indeed a very nice treat.

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  1. I love adding a bit of luxury to my collection, especially when it comes to lipsticks and blushers, not too sure about primers yet but this post made it sound oh so tempting!

    Ploy x

    1. He he yeah I'd go for the lipsticks first as well, but once you've got that covered you could always give this another look! :) xx

  2. Hey Ellie, lovely review! I'm glad it works so well for you. I've never really set my primer with a powder, but I suppose there is a good reason behind it. For the moment I am on UDPP and the Dior one. Both work pretty well!

    1. Thank you! I always do it as I find it helps a lot with blending! Ooh I've never tried the Dior one, but heard great things! :) No powder though!! He he ;p xx


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