Review: Chanel Camelia de Plumes Highlighting Powder

The last time Chanel released a limited edition highlighter, it was the now infamous 'Poudre Signe de Chanel'. I was on a bit of a no-buy kick and decided I didn't need a highlighter, no matter how pretty it was. Which was by all means true, and still is today. Even so, I must admit that as much as I've ever regretted not buying anything limited edition - this would be the one I've regretted the most. Especially as it keeps coming up in favourites posts and instagram pictures constantly. So when I saw the first pictures of Camelia de Plumes I knew I was definitely going to get it. No regrets this time, and definitely worth it!

Camelia de Plumes has been described by many as a silver highlighter. This description put me off at first as I love a more natural looking highlight on most days (hence my hitting pan on Kevyn Aucoin's Candlelight). However, from seeing it up close in pictures and youtube videos, and looking at swatches I found it didn't seem silver at all. It's definitely leaning more cool-toned, but I'd describe it more as a very cool, very white champagne coloured highlighter.

The highlighter comes in the signature Chanel packaging - black with the white logo. The compact is bigger than that of a blush and the amount of product you get is 8g or 0.82 oz, which is exactly double the amount in a blush ( 4g and 0.14 oz). Inside the lid is a nice big mirror that is very convenient for touch-ups if you'd so please.

On top of the powder is a black plastic separator and protector with the Chanel logo imprinted on it as well. The separator blends seamlessly with the compact so when I opened it the first time my first thought was that they had forgot to put in the actual highlighter! Of course they hadn't, it's nicely protected underneath. It all comes in a nice black pouch with a strap around closure, and a pouch in the front with a brush. I love this solution as one can choose to do what one pleases with the brush, whilst not ending up with a bigger than necessary compact if you don't wish to use the brush at all.

The beautiful pattern on this years highlighter is of a camellia flower. There's no scent at all as far as I can tell, which I personally prefer. Camelia de Plumes is extremely finely milled and blends seamlessly across the skin. I've applied this using the brush that comes with it, a few of my own brushes and actually with my finger. As the powder is almost a bit creamy I've found I think I prefer applying this with my finger and then blending it out. I'm still amazed this works, but it actually really does!

This does have a bit of glitter. Nothing over-the-top or too noticeable, all in-line with what you'd expect from Chanel. It's subtle and very natural, but the glitter gives it a bit of added 'oomph' for the holidays. Very appropriate for a holiday product I think. The lasting power of this is good. I don't apply very much so there's not much to notice in terms of fading as the hours go by, but I will say that my cheekbones have a nice sheen from morning until evening.

All in all I couldn't be happier with this. This is exactly the kind of highlighter I'd expect from Chanel - beautiful packaging, design, giving a subtle but elegant effect and with an overall luxurious texture and feel. This has been released in the US for a while, but I did manage to locate it at Nordstrom. It just got rolled out across Europe last week so it should still be available over here as well, but I've not managed to locate it anywhere online so it seems it's going fast! If you spot it anywhere I'd recommend jumping at the chance to pick it up - you won't regret it, rather you'll regret not getting it!

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  1. It's so beautiful :) I wonder if the relief disappears after a while... That'd be such a shame.

    Julia | Wing me a dream

    1. The flower disappears as the powder gets used, but it's quite deep so it'll stay there for a while - I hope! It really is beautiful! :) Thanks for leaving a comment! xx

  2. Hey Ellie, I'm glad to hear you're loving this one! I'm surprised how golden it swatches on you. On me it's not golden at all (maybe my undertone eats all the gold)! Can't believe you hit pan on Candlelight! I don't think I'll ever be able to do it with a highlighter :)

    BTW, Poudre Signee de Chanel is actually from the spring collection back in 2013!

    1. He he yeah I was quite surprised when I hit pan as well! Oh dear, thank you for pointing that out I've corrected it now! Can you blame me though, lol, they keep putting out collections earlier and earlier - the fall collections came in june! I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing the summer collections soon ha ha! :) xx


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