Review: Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate

Hand Chemistry is a brand that is fairly new to me. It's sold in Boots, and Lookfantastic that I know of and my impression is that it's pretty popular over in England. The brand has a very small selection of products, where each product seems to have been created with a lot of care and purpose. When I had the opportunity to test the Extreme Hydration Concentrate version of their hand creams I jumped at the chance. And who better to put this properly to the test than a girl with very dry hands, in Norway, in winter time?

The packaging is pretty simple. It's blue, white and with a clear cap. The tube holds 100 ml, or 3.3 fl oz, of product and expires after 12 months. The product is made in Canada and was "tested on humans" - I'm guessing this means it was not tested on animals, which is great.

According to what it says on the tube it's got 24% active ingredients. Among these are "five hydration active technologies from marine and plant sources that provide deep and lasting hydration to the skin, offering dramatic visible textural improvements". They also tell you to expect results immediately, in 24 hours and in 10 days. What I'm taking from the last part is that it gives instant relief to dry hands, whilst also providing long term results more visible with steady use. Partly cause it makes the most sense to me, but also because I've been using it for over a month now, and that's my experience.

This is a very different kind of hand cream. It's recommended to use it in the evening and also in the morning. I've only been using this before bed. But I've been using it every single night. First just to give it a proper test, but quickly because this product is pretty amazing.

One thing to note is the texture of this - it's different to any hand cream I've ever used! I don't know if I'd even describe it as a cream as there's nothing cream about it. It comes out in a thick gel like form, but it's not the typical shiny sticky gel type formula - it's matte and kind of dry. This is a silicone heavy product where the texture is reminiscent of a silicone heavy primer. Dimethicone is the second ingredient listed and I see 'Cetearyl Dimethicone' and 'Polysilicone-11' also listed further down. The texture doesn't bother me when I use it before bed, but I've found that if I go to do something on my phone after applying this, the sensation is incredibly special. Which is why I don't use this during the day. I've also found that even the next morning when washing my hands this will still be on my hands, which I think is a good thing.

Besides the silicone and the strange feeling texture - this gives really good results. For those of you that don't know - I go through hand creams like crazy. This is because my hands are dry all on their own, plus I'm a bit of a neat freak always washing my hands which doesn't exactly help. This means I'm constantly washing my hands, applying hand cream, washing my hands, and so on. I always have to apply hand cream after I wash my hands. Always. If not I feel them being dry and uncomfortable, and I personally can't deal with having dry skin - it's my second top pet peeve after dry lips. The point is - since using this, I've found myself realising it's been an hour after washing my hands and I haven't felt the need to apply hand cream. I'm actually forgetting - which is amazing!

My conclusion is that I'm definitely hooked. It's not as luxurious or delicious smelling as some of my other favourite hand creams, and I'm not ready to give up on those, but it's doing great things for my hands. The full-on Norwegian winter has yet to come, but knowing I've got this on hand (pun not intended) going into December is a downright treat. I've still got a fair bit left in the tube, and hopefully it'll last me through winter, but if not I'll definitely be ordering another tube of this!

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