Favourites: December 2014

Better late than never, here comes my last favourites post of 2014! Monthly favourites that is, I've still got one favourites of the year post coming up, and then I think I'm finished with all the round-ups from 2014. December was, as a few of you will know, filled with exams all the way until the 19th (!!) when I finally got to go home and enjoy christmas food, my parents christmas house, spending time with my family and as an extra bonus; it snowed, tonnes! December was mostly me wearing no makeup and studying, but the few products I did use were absolute gems.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial & Morning Facial here & here )
These were both an absolute treat to use in December. They are any day of the year, but during the stressful exam period they were especially nice. I never felt I really had time to do masks and the likes, but these I would just apply after toner and both nourished, balanced and soothed the skin. It also gave an incredible glow that most certainly wasn't natural and from within. They also smell beautiful.

La Prairie Midnight Rain Perfume here )
This vanilla based (to my nose) scent has been a favourite for a few years now. It's warm, calm and sophisticated. I love using this in the colder months especially, and for some reason always seem to gravitate towards it especially when I am doing exams. I've still got a fair bit left in the bottle, but when I finish this it's definitely something I'll re-purchase.

MAC Eyeshadow in Romp discontinued? )
This is in my use-it-up project for the year. Progress have been slow until finally at the end of November I started just sweeping this lightly all over the lid and leaving it like that. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best. I've really loved the look, plus the shorter time to get ready really fit with my schedule. 'Romp' has very fine gold glitter that blends into the otherwise warm satin eyeshadow when it's blended across the lid - this gives a beautiful warm brown look that isn't too warm and doesn't clash with my pale skin.

RMS Living Luminizer here )
A beautiful cream highlighter. This gives a beautiful and completely natural sheen to the skin, and makes you look healthy and happy. I dab two fingers in the pot, then place it on the tops of my cheekbones and on the cupids bow. Best of all - it's got all natural ingredients that are good for the skin.

By Terry Touche Veloutéehere )
This is the best highlighter pen I've ever used, and I've used a lot of them. The classic 'Touche Eclat' is really good, but Touche Veloutée takes it to another level. This covers a fair bit, and gives the most intense highlight effect, yet still keeps everything completely natural. It's a bit of a miracle worker.

Tom Ford Lip Color in True Coralhere )
To finish off my very simple, glowing skin makeup for the month of December - I loved using a very appropriate red. The warm tones of 'True Coral' emphasised the "healthy skin, basic makeup" look I was going for, and brought that bit of colour that in the winter I find can make all the difference. True Coral might just be my favourite red lipstick, mostly due to the fabulous Tom Ford formula, but also because the colour is incredibly flattering.

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in 'Earthy'here )
Quite the classic, I'm sure you've all heard of Earthy before. My year-round pale skin, get's even paler in the winter, and it's really hard to find a bronzer to use that doesn't look absolutely ridiculous. Earthy somehow manages to add some warmth and glow to the skin, whilst still looking really natural. I build it up slightly in places I want to contour, such as the cheekbones, and it does this better than most sculpting products I've used. If you are pale, I highly recommend this. If you are not that pale, I still recommend this. It's really, really good!

Lush So White Shower Gel ( here )
Finally I have a Lush shower gel. This was actually my first shower gel from the brand. I've heard talks of their christmas releases for years and figured this might be a good place to start. 'So White' smells of crisp fresh green apples, and while I don't see the christmas relation personally, I really love the smell of this nonetheless. It's a really refreshing and lovely start to the day. Usually fruit scented shower gels can smell a bit fake, but this really smells just like a freshly cut apple; Lovely.


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  1. the perfume bottle is stunning! i've heard only good things about the RMS highlighter too

  2. pretty perfume bottle! i like the So White shower gel too :) I have a mini of True Coral, but I haven't tried it yet

  3. He he thank you! :) True Coral is really nice when you keep everything simple and focus on glowing skin, then true coral amps that up to the next level - you'll love it, I'm sure! It's a bit of a christmas or summer colour though! :) xx


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