Review: Nars Valhalla

Released as part of Nars' 'Nude Scene' Spring 2015 Collection - Valhalla probably doesn't strike you as something very special, but don't let the initial non-impression fool you, this is a lot more special than it looks.


Review: Nars 'NARSissist' Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette

Well how lucky was I that I didn't get tempted to try the Dual Intensity shadows until recently, when the release of this palette was already announced. Eight shadows, albeit smaller than the singles, for USD 79 at a whopping USD 218 value! Even if you've got some of these shades stashed away in your Muji drawers (or other drawers if you are more original than the rest of us!) this is one that everyone should be giving a second look.


Review: HealGel Face

Following my success with the original HealGel treatment, I decided to try something else by the brand, and settled on this face moisturiser. There wasn't too much to choose from, 'HealGel' still at this time only offer 4 products; the original treatment, an eye cream, a body treatment and the moisturiser I will be talking about today. A small brand with a small selection of products, but if that means every product have been thought about and developed carefully and with purpose, that's a refreshing take on things. Heal Gel Face certainly was.


Swap with Megan

For Christmas me and my friend Megan who has a youtube channel - here - decided to do a swap! Mine of course arrived way late, because the Norwegian post service (let's just leave it at that ha ha!), so I decided to save it for my birthday instead which was on January 31st. If you want to see what I sent Megan for christmas you can see her video about that here, now let me show you all the amazing things she sent me!


Favourites: January 2015

I've had a rough start to February. I've been really sick with the flu for over a week and fell behind on a lot of things at school with deadlines the coming week. This meant I've unfortunately been absent on the blog, but school always has to come first. But! I've managed to finally find some time to write my post about my January Favourites! I am really excited to share it with you guys as I've got some really good stuff to tell you about!


Empties: January 2015

Things have been quiet around here lately, and I do apologise. I was the lucky recipient of the flu virus, and on my birthday of all days as well - and have been consequently completely out of business for over a week. It was all pretty horrible, but the cloud is slowly lifting and I'm almost back in full form. To start off I'll run through the first empties post for the year!
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