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Following my success with the original HealGel treatment, I decided to try something else by the brand, and settled on this face moisturiser. There wasn't too much to choose from, 'HealGel' still at this time only offer 4 products; the original treatment, an eye cream, a body treatment and the moisturiser I will be talking about today. A small brand with a small selection of products, but if that means every product have been thought about and developed carefully and with purpose, that's a refreshing take on things. Heal Gel Face certainly was.

The moisturiser comes in a tall round pump bottle, made of sturdy plastic. It's the best kind of pump packaging where the products gets pushed upwards as you use it - meaning you get to use every last little bit, without having to bend an squirt product everywhere at the end. It's reminiscent of REN's packaging, if you're familiar with that. The pump dispenses as-you-push meaning you can administer exactly how much you need.

And you don't need too much. The product glides very smoothly across the skin. The consistency is that of a thinner cream, but not at all runny. It has a faint smell, but not one I see offending anyone. The scent is slightly "green" and "apothecarian" if that makes any sense. What I'm trying to say is it doesn't smell of roses or citrus or any other distinct smell such as.

HealGel claims this will give an "instantly plumping and revitalising effect" and I think it does. Even though it's very light feeling, it's very moisturising and soothing. I used this as a day cream and my skin looked and felt very healthy and comfortable - meaning no areas in need of more moisture. But also no clogged pores, heavy feel or skin that was noticeably more oily. For those of you who've got normal, but dehydrated skin (or any type of combo skin really) this just may be the one.  I've also used this as a moisturising serum in combination with my La Mer last winter when my skin was particularly parched, and it gave brilliant results.

Depending on your skin type there will be many different ways to best use this, but either way this definitely would have a well-deserved and much loved spot in anyones skincare arsenal. If you've got oilier skin, but are starting to be a few years older this could be the answer to your prayers. This as it is the aforementioned light texture and feel, but still provides some anti-ageing benefits that I know a lot of "older" oilier skin girls have trouble finding the right products for.

This is also fantastic as a hydrating serum for those with really dry skin, great as a day time moisturiser for those of you with more normal or combination skin like me, or as a night cream for those of you with incredibly oily skin. Each their own, but this is a good one any way you look at it, and whatever your needs may be.

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  1. wow this sounds awesome. adding it to my wish list :D thanks ellie! xox, megan

  2. hehe you're welcome/i'm sorry lol!! :) xx

  3. This sounds SO good!!! I've not heard of the brand before...how did you find out about them? Love that you can get every last drop out of the container...wish more companies would do that!! I haven't tried any full size REN products, but I've tried a few Kate Somerville ones and always loved her pumps for the same reason!

  4. Yeah I really wish everyone would just put their creams in pump bottles now as well, I hate doing the whole spatula/q-tip thing, so boring.. It's quite a cool little company, their Heal Gel in the green packaging is really good for healing blemishes and scars etc. though it's super expensive and I never get through the bottle before it's expired.. but the product itself is amazing, I had no new acne scars while I was using it! x


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