Review: Nars Valhalla

Released as part of Nars' 'Nude Scene' Spring 2015 Collection - Valhalla probably doesn't strike you as something very special, but don't let the initial non-impression fool you, this is a lot more special than it looks.

Valhalla is a peachy pink shade with a bit of glitter. The glitter is visible if you look for it, but once applied to the lid it's not really noticeable unless you are up close. This is in no way a "sparklefest", so to speak. Texture-wise it's a bit powdery, but goes on nicely. It's not super pigmented, but it can be built up somewhat. This isn't really supposed to be a bright colour eyeshadow anyway - it's meant as a very natural wash of colour, and that's exactly what it does.

The effect I get when wearing this - and do note I have very pale skin - is a neutral peachy shade. This works really well as an all-over lid colour on it's own, and for me that's not something I find a lot of eyeshadows can pull off. My eyes need a bit of definition through the crease, and I find with almost every eyeshadow I need to add a darker shade through the socket line to look like I didn't leave home before I could finish my makeup. However, once in a rare while I find a lid shade that somehow magically defines the eye just enough for me to be able to pull of the one-shadow-look. Valhalla does that, which gives it instant cult status in my particular makeup stash. There's just a lot more to this eyeshadow than one initially would think.

There's a very smart combination of colours going on here. Peachy pink is a very good combination indeed - and let me tell you why. I find the peach brings warmth, it also brings out my blue eyes. The pink brightens the eye area. When applied I instantly look more awake and ready to start the day. Due to the warmth from the peach it's not the "too light lid shade" that looks dated and unflattering, but due to the pink shade it's not too warm which would otherwise easily clash with my very pale skin. Add to that the glitter. It seems very noticeable when swatched on the hand, and when staring at your lid close to the mirror you can se the glitter, but from normal-person distance there's none of the aforementioned sparklefest, just a glowing, bright looking lid colour on the face of someone looking very ready to start their day.

It was impossible to capture this correctly in a photograph - this was the best I could do. You get a correct impression on the finish and you can see what I mean about the glitter not being obvious, but there is more pink to it in real life and it's also more pigmented.

Lasting power is excellent. I've used this with many primers, it stayed about the same with all of them - meaning it looked good, and was there, by the end of the day. I've paired this with my other purchase from the Nars spring collection - the Eye Paint in Porto Venere (review to come), and the pink in Porto Venere brings out the pink a bit more in Valhalla. I've loved this combination, and if you've got both I recommend using them together!

Overall I'm really happy I decided to get this. It does exactly what I wanted it to do, and a bit more. I bought this as a nice neutral to add to my collection, thinking it wouldn't be all that, but it's soon become a favourite that I would absolute recommend taking a second look at.

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