Favourites: February 2015

It's crazy how much shorter February feels every year even though it's just missing a few days. February was a fun month for me. I had a lot to do at school with presentations and exams, but I also took a trip to Copenhagen with my boyfriend which was a lot of fun. We just enjoyed the city with good food, good wine and a bit of shopping. If you haven't been to Copenhagen I really recommend going, it's a really nice city. But now for some beauty recommendations!

Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask ( here )
This is a white clay mask meant to do the usual "clay mask stuff" - clear out your pores, help make blemishes disappear and generally keep skin clear and bright. I decided to start clearing out some masks and decided to start with this one as it had the least left. I've used it 1-2 times a week all of February and my skin has looked really nice as a result. It really helps keep skin clear, unclog pores, make blemishes heal faster and all of that without leaving my skin feeling stripped and horrible after, like most clay masks do. I do moisturise heavily after because it does leave skin more dry, but far less so than many others. It's just really nice - not too harsh on the skin, but still really effective with noticeable results both instantly and increasingly over time.

LING Skincare Oxygen Plasma Potion Glow Rejuvenating Solution ( here )
I got this serum for christmas and have loved using it here and there, but in February I got addicted! I've been using this everyday and my skin is both feeling and looking amazing for it! This makes my skin look glowing and radiant no matter how exhausted I feel. It also balances the skin perfectly - leaving me with no shiny t-zone, nor tight drier spots by the end of the day. That's quite a feat for my combination skin! It's also keeping my skin clear and blemish-free. I've got many other serums I love, but I just can't stop using it. I just might go all the way until the end before being able to put it down!

Yves Saint Laurent Belle D'Opiumhere )
I own a total of 19 full-size perfumes - and that's not including the 10ml sprays, or the cute mini's, or regular samples. While I love all of my perfumes and wouldn't ever be able to get rid of any just for the sake of downsizing, I have decided to try and focus on a few at a time and slowly start making my way through the ones I have. Belle D'Opium is a perfume I've had for a couple of years now, and one I haven't used much in a while. There's less than half left and so I decided to try and use it more often to finish the last bit off. It's a very nice scent for this time of the year. It's not sweet, but it's also not musky. It has a bit of a mellow freshness to it, which is a perfect compliment to the current between-season, transitioning from winter to spring. It's not the most fantastic scent of all time, and it's not all that special, but it's nice none the less and I've been really enjoying it. As a bonus it also has really good lasting power on my skin, which is always nice as well.

Nars Valhalla ( review - here )
I wrote a review about this recently, actually the post right below this one, so I don't want to repeat myself too much, but I just had to feature this in my February Favourites as I've used it so much this month. Like I said in my review, this doesn't look like much, but it's proven to be such a versatile shade that I've loved using as part of my eye look everyday. I've used it as a one-shadow look, and in combination with other shades. It lasts well, blends effortlessly and is just stunning.

Marc Jacobs The Conceal - Full Cover Correcting Brush No. 14 here )
I've been trying to finish my Bobbi Brown Concealer which covers well, but is really thick and hard to blend. This brush does the most amazing job at blending in concealer, without sheering it out. It's worked like magic with the Bobbi Brown concealer, but I've found it performs just as great with every other kind of concealer as well - creamy, highlighter pen types, really thin.. you name it, this works with all of them.

Chanel 571 Fracas review limited edition )
Sorry for writing about a limited edition shade so long after it's come and gone, but I was genuinely surprised when I couldn't locate it anywhere, not even the Chanel website. However, I know I've spotted this colour each time I've browsed through their nail polishes, so I think you should be able to locate it as well, should you want it. The reason I'm featuring it in my February Favourites and the reason why I've loved it so much the past month is because of the colour. It's this amazing mix of coral, pink and red - where the colour seems to change pending on the light and what you are wearing. Whatever the shade is, it's always a vibrant, but not too in-your-face kind of colour. Really nice for this time of the year when you really want to start pulling out all your pink polishes and lipsticks for spring, but spring isn't quite here yet.

Clarins Lip Oil Raspberry ( limited edition )
This seems to be sold out everywhere already, and I knew when I spotted it at my local Clarins counter I was lucky to get a hold of it. I was going to write a review on it, but as it seems sold out I figured I'd put it in my favourites instead. Especially because you might get as lucky as me and find it somewhere stilll, and I wanted you to know to run to the counter and buy it before you even have time to blink! This is so nice! I don't know if I can go back to regular lip glosses after this! It barely gives any colour, if any at all, but it smells of heavenly fresh raspberries and it feels amazing on the lips. It's thick and moisturising, but not thick and gloopy at all. It feels incredibly luxurious on the lips and really does help moisturise and treat the lips. I'm ready to go hunting for the yellow one tomorrow! I've heard rumours the yellow isn't actually limited edition, but I don't want to take any chances. I'm even tempted to buy a back-up of the Raspberry one, if I can find one, and I never buy back-ups for anything!

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  1. The Clarins lip oil looks wonderful! They still have the honey version in stock so I just might pick up that :)

  2. I'm so excited you love the Raspberry lip oil!!! I'm 1/4-1/3 through my bottle, and am dreading the day when it's finished. I haven't been shopping in awhile, but am hoping a counter still has one so I can get a backup!! Ok, I'm putting Valhalla and Fracas on my list!! Fracas especially sounds like the perfect mix :-) I love the MJ concealer brush too!! It's so soft and seriously perfect for the eye area! xo :-)

  3. I just picked up the Honey version today as well! It's just as nice as the Raspberry one! :) xx

  4. Yeah I'm shocked I'm actually seeing "progress" already! Yeah I love Fracas, I hope it's still available somewhere though, I was quite surprised I couldn't find it anywhere! Yeah it's the only Marc Jacobs product I've tried actually, but I'm keen to try some more of the brushes! Have you tried any of the makeup or the other brushes? xx

  5. i have honey and tried raspberry but the colour didn't quite come out as strongly and i convinced myself i didn't need it. i do want their instant lip balm stick things. the one i have in rose is SO nice and i sort of want all the other colors.

    i was having a similar thought about my perfumes. i don't have 19 but i do have ...6? and i know some of them have evaporated a little so i really don't want to get more just so they sit there and evaporate lol. gonna focus one and keep using it. so far it looks like Estee Lauder La Vie est Belle.

    A Beautiful Zen

  6. Hehe I've got my eyes on the balms as well! I keep my perfumes in a dark drawer in their boxes so they'll last longer, but it does stress me out a bit having so many so it will be nice to finish a few! :) If you want more colour the YSL lip oils that are in the darker colours really tint your lips, they are amazing! :D xx


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