Review: Nars Eye Paint in 'Porto Venere'

Porto Venere was released as part of Nars' 'Nude Scene' Spring 2015 collection. I've heard that it's not actually limited edition, but I can't say that for sure. Either way, it would make a lot of sense if this is indeed permanent, as it has potential of reaching staple status for many.

Porto Venere is a pink toned Eye Paint housed in a small glass jar, with a plastic lid. It's reminiscent of Mac's Paint Pots, though Nars' offering is smaller in both size and amount of product; Paint Pots contain 5 g of product while Nars' Eye Paints contain exactly half; 2.5g.

The Eye Paint has a very different consistency than the Paint Pots. While Pain Pots, and many other eyelid primers have traditionally had an almost waxy texture - hard that softens up by the warmth from your finger, the Eye Paint has a light almost mousse-like texture. It glides across the lid effortlessly and the edges blend seamlessly.

Some have mentioned using this as a pink eyeshadow. I don't see that as an option really. While this may show up differently on people with darker skin than me, which doesn't take much pigment, I can only go on my experience and in my opinion this is not going to be a matte light pink eyeshadow if that was what you were hoping for. I don't even have a swatch photo of this, because as much as I tried I couldn't get it to show up enough for a good photo. They just all looked like a picture of my hand or my arm.

What I find this to be is a very nice eyeshadow base. It does a good job of evening the skintone, without looking like you've got any makeup on. So if you do want to use this as an eyeshadow on it's own, it does work really nice at just evening the skintone and the slight pink tint gives a really nice brightening effect. I've used it this way and find I looked really fresh faced and well rested with just this and a little bit of mascara.

This also lasts really well throughout the day. Both on it's own, it never creased, but it also makes whatever you put on top stay put for a long time. While this doesn't have any strong colour to it, and won't interfere with whatever you put on top (besides making it last longer), I will say I've noticed the slight pink tint does pull out the pink in semi pink eyeshadows such as Valhalla, as I mentioned in my review of that eyeshadow.

Just like with Valhalla, this has very pleasantly surprised me. I bought this thinking it wouldn't be all that, but that it was nice to try something new, but I've come to really love this. It's so fuzz free, has a really nice effect both in combination with other products, and on it's own. Like I said at the beginning this could be a new addition to the permanent line, and I really hope it is, because it's really really nice.

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  1. This looks like it will be a great base, I wouldn't wear this on its own cause I like a wash of color on my lids.

  2. Yes it definitely works best as a base! :)

  3. Sounds good! I probably would just wear this on its own, though. Just to block out the look of any veins :) Your photo's are gorgeous btw!

  4. Thank you! Yes this does a really good job of evening everything out, so it's perfect as "just" a base as well :) xx


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