Review: NUDE Perfect Cleanse Cleansing Jelly

Nude's Omega Treatment Oil is one of my favourite oils and so when I found myself in a Space.NK last fall it wasn't a hard sell trying to get me to try their (then) new cleanser. It comes packed full of nutritious ingredients, and without all the "nasties" - it was already a winner on paper, and I certainly wasn't let down when I started using it.

The Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly is what I like to call a "hybrid cleanser". This because it changes as you use it. Originally it's a thick cleansing balm. As you massage it across the skin and it warms up it transforms into an oil. What started out as a thicker balm really letting you rub the skin, is now a smooth oil that lets you take it across more sensitive areas, such as around the eyes, to get rid of any leftover mascara that seems to always be lurking around.

You can remove this either by splashing your face with water, or with a flannel or muslin cloth. As it mixes with water it turns into a white milky consistency, which makes it easy to remove. After patting my face dry my skin feels clean and fresh, but not dry or rough. It does not feel tight or stripped.

It's no secret I love a good cleansing balm, and once you've found a good one, a lot of the good ones perform similarly. I'm not going to say this make my skin look or feel vastly better or different than other cleansing balms I love, but there's one particular thing I like this one especially for.

That is how easy it is to remove. I'm not saying I can't get other cleansing balms off, but it takes a few seconds extra. This one just comes right off, and I love that. It does a good deep clean, doesn't pull the skin around my eyes as it turns into an more easily spreadable oil and then comes right off when mixed with water. Did I mention it also smells delicious?

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