Pan That Palette: Update #1

I'm about 3 months into this project, so I figured I'd do an update on how it's going. I haven't finished it, of course, but I dare say I've made some decent progress. I don't really notice as I see it almost everyday, but when I went to write this post and looked at the pictures of the palette in my first post, I realised I've made quite a bit of progress after all.

When I started this project I was worried I'd get really bored, but haven't found that to be the case. As I've chosen a smaller palette, I've been able to alternate this with other shadows and still seeing what I find to be decent progress. I only use this here and there, but like I said, the progress has still been pretty good - I've hit pan on three of the shadows already!

If you'd like to compare my progress to where I was when I started you can - go here - to compare the two posts. 

I've used the top two shadows the most. The brown is just a beautiful very natural warm brown matte that I love taking through the crease. It goes with just about anything, and particularly well with other neutral colours for a very understated look. I think this is the one I'll finish first.

I've been using the white as an inner corner highlight, and only as that for the time being. I wanted to post an update last month, but wanted to wait until I'd hit pan on the white as I was so close. So I finally did and have managed to clear out a bit around it as well since then. I doubt I'll finish this any time soon, and will probably have to find other uses for it to finish it, but for now it's good as just an inner corner highlight.

The middle shade I've hit quite a bit of pan on. I've also cleared out a large chunk around it as well. I've found I don't love this shade as much as I used to, I'm not sure why. I'm not using it super consistently, but as it is the only all-over lid shade in the palette, and I've used quite a bit I've decided not to stress on that one as much. At least while I've got so much left in the palette. I'm happy with my progress though.

The purple/brown shade on the bottom left I've used here and there, but it doesn't really show. It never does. Would you believe it if I told I've actually used this tonnes before starting this challenge as well? It's like the never-ending eyeshadow! I'm starting to doubt I'll ever make any noticeable progress, but I'll keep going for now!

This last one, the blue/grey on the bottom right I've decided to give up on. I tried using it, but it pulls too blue on my pale skin and looks rather horrid. It works better when I'm more tanned, but for the short time I get a bit more colour I have so many beautiful warm golden eyeshadows I can't wait to use. I might use it again before I'm completely finished with the palette, but once everything else is gone I won't force myself to finish this one.


So there's that. Not too bad for just a few months, I think. As I've been seeing good progression using it only here and there, I'll keep doing the project that way. It's really nice being able to do a project like this without getting really bored or frustrated - after all, makeup can be so much fun and I don't want to miss out on that just because I want to finish a few things! 

I think I can definitely finish the top three shades, while I'm less certain about the purple shade, but we'll see. I doubt I'll have finished any of these by my next update, but I'd love to have seen really good progress on the brown and middle shade, and to see a much bigger pan on the white one.

If you are thinking about doing a project like this (you don't need to start at the beginning of the year, you can start whenever you want!) I'd really recommend it. It was quite amazing to go and compare the palette now with just a few months ago. I don't think I ever would have realised the progress since then had I not been doing these posts - so I'd highly recommend a project like this, it's a lot of fun. Even if you just take pictures on your phone and keep track for yourself without posting, it's really encouraging.



  1. Charline SteuckersApril 20, 2015 at 10:18 AM

    Wow you got pretty far in with those eyeshadows! I can't believe you already hit pan on 3 of them! x

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  2. You're making good progress so far! Keep it up!

  3. Thank you! Hopefully I will! :) xx


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