Review: Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Mist

Jurlique is a brand I've seen mentioned many places, but never have tried or read too much about on blogs and the likes. I've been intrigued by many products by the brand, but never ended up actually trying anything. Finally this fall when I found myself out of toner I decided to take the plunge and order the Herbal Recovery Mist. It sounded too good from the description not to give a try!

The toner comes in a white glass spray bottle. The spray gives a nice even mist. I've written before about me not enjoying spray toners, having used the classic toner-on-a-cotton-pad method since my early teens, but I have to say I'm finally starting to come around to it. And not just come around, actually really enjoying them - I might go as far as to say I've come to prefer it, which is something I never thought I'd say. It also saves me a lot of cotton!

The glass bottle was a nice surprise for me. Jurlique isn't available where I live so I've only looked at the brand online, and for some reason assumed it was white plastic. As the brand isn't cheap it definitely fits a lot better that it comes in glass - which gives it a nice weight, it always feels nice and cold when you hold it, but it of course makes it less ideal for travelling. Overall packaging wise though, I've got no complaints.

Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Night Mist is "a restorative antioxidant facial mist, rich in a proprietary blend of potent botanicals to help hydrate, increase skin smoothness and radiance, while protecting against environmental aggressors", according the description on Feelunique. I take it you can understand why I was intrigued? It sounds like the perfect blend to spritz all over your face. It's key ingredients include Allantoin, Calendula and Viola to help soothe, smooth and moisturise. Vitamin E and C, and Aloe Vera and Marshmallow extracts which apparently helps rebalance dryness and provide intense hydration. Will that work if I eat a lot of marshmallows as well? Just asking...

My one question here is why it's called the Night Recovery Mist? It doesn't say night on the bottle, or the packaging it comes in. It only has it as the actual name on Feelunique and in the description, and with one of it's claims being to help protect against environmental aggressors one would think it would do a lot of good if used daytime as well. I've personally used it mostly during the night. I'm surprised to say I did find it made my skin a bit more oily than otherwise during the day, so I stuck to using it nighttime. I never thought a toner or mist could actually do much in terms of hydration, but I guess this has proved my assumption wrong.

The scent of this is very floral, I'd say it smells much of roses, but I could be wrong. What I do know is that I do not like the scent, at all. But then I don't enjoy anything rose-scented really. Be that as it may though, the scent doesn't linger so I don't mind much.

The effect I've seen when using this is really nice. It's not on par with amazing effects like I get with a serum or such, but I've definitely noticed a difference. After spritzing this over my face with my eyes closed, when I open them again I immediately notice my skin looks more plump and radiant. It really does sooth the skin and I've found this made a massive difference to helping my skin keep it's healthy glow throughout the cold norwegian winter.

I've used this generously almost every night since October, and I'm about to run out which means it's lasted me about 5 months. That's pretty good I think. I've acquired some new toners since then that I am looking forward to trying the next few months, but would love to use this again next winter. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this was my first 'venture' into the Jurlique world, and I've been really impressed. I will definitely be trying more from the brand if this is any indication about the quality I can expect.

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