Review: Supergoop Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 37

Spring has officially arrived and we're heading into summer. I thought now would be the perfect time to start reviewing some SPF products. I personally believe in wearing sunscreen all year round all day every day, but I know for most people it's more of a summer thing. Either way, this is a fantastic product, now let me tell you all the reasons why!

My first introduction to eye creams with SPF was the Clinique Superdefense Age Defence Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 ( review ). I absolutely loved the eye cream, but found I needed to use it more as a sunscreen on top of other eye creams as it wasn't hydrating enough for my particular needs. Then I found this little gem; the Supergoop Eye Cream SPF 37. SPF 37! How amazing is that? I use SPF 40 to 50 on my face everyday, preferably 50, and was only ok with just SPF 20 for my eyes as the Clinique had the highest SPF I'd been able to locate, at least until that point.

So home with me it went. It comes in a nice sleek small tube, with a metal applicator that is always cold and has a nice cooling effect. I never apply it using the applicator. I squeeze a bit out, put it on my hand, and apply it from there onto my eye area. If I want to enjoy the cooling sensation of the metal applicator I gently press it onto the skin after I've applied the eye cream. The reason I don't use it to apply the cream is that I feel it would tug on the skin too much and I've got quite sensitive eyes so I'd just rather not. Not saying you can't though!

The cream is white and has a light and really smooth texture. It also has a slight highlighting effect that I really like. It's not going to counteract any dark circles or let you skip concealer. It's just a slight brightening effect, which still looks nicer than none. It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly and works really well under makeup. It doesn't interfere with concealer or eyeshadow, everything applies the same as otherwise.

Compared to the Clinique eye cream this is absolutely my new favourite. This hydrates enough so that I don't need another eye cream underneath. I apply my eye serum, then this and I'm done. The skin around my eyes is quite dry, so if you need a bit more help this should be really good. I've bought one for my mother and she loves it as well.

When I started using the Clinique eye cream I quickly saw a difference in the overall "health" of the skin around my eyes. It just looked a lot less rough. When upping my game to this eye cream with over double the SPF I noticed the same. It wasn't as drastic, but there was definitely an improvement. I'm not sure if it's just the SPF, or the fact that the eye cream itself is also really good, but I'll place my bet on a good mix of the two. It doesn't really matter though - it works wonders, that's all you really need to know!

- Get it here (US) & here (UK/EU) -

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  1. This sounds like what I've been looking for...can I tell you how impossible it has been to find a moisturizing eye cream WITH spf?!!! So this is definitely going on the list! Thank you!!

  2. Hehe yeah I previously struggled with the same, so this has been SUCH a find! I hope you end up liking it as much as I do! :) xx


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