Review: Cowshed Bath & Shower Gels

I've always been interested in trying products from the Cowshed range, but as I don't have Cowshed available where I live I found it hard to go for a 300ml size of a shower gel I might not like the scent of. When this set of all, or at least most of, their shower gel varieties came out for christmas I thought it was the perfect way to try all of the scents and that way figure out which ones I liked. You can't buy this set anymore, but I figured this would be a neat way to review all of them in one go as well.


Review: HealGel Intensive

I've previously sung my praises for the Heal Gel 'Face' Moisturiser, and thought I should also write a post on the product that first got me into the brand! 'Intensive' isn't really described as any particular type of product, but I view it as more of a 'treatment'. You are meant to apply it locally to any problem areas and then it will magically make everything bad go away.


Review: Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial

The famous Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial. So many bloggers and youtubers have raved about this, especially on my side of the pond. It's a treatment oil packed full of fancy ingredients meant to give you a healthy and radiant complexion come morning, no matter if you only went to bed a few hours before. That sounds a rather impossible task, but if true, well, I had to check it out.


Empties: April 2015

April wasn't the most massive month I've done in terms of empties, but the products I finished were a lot that I've been working on for a while so it's quite exciting nonetheless. There's also quite a few full-size items, and some items I'm excited to tell you about that I never got around to do a full review on. So let's jump right in!


Favourites: April 2015

My favourites from April consists of some long-time favourites, as you can tell by major pan, but also some new loves. All of the products are really, really good and I'm so excited to share them with you guys! Surprisingly I've only reviewed one of these items already on the blog, so it's good I'm making a point to mention the others as these are all products you really need to check out!
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