Review: Cowshed Bath & Shower Gels

I've always been interested in trying products from the Cowshed range, but as I don't have Cowshed available where I live I found it hard to go for a 300ml size of a shower gel I might not like the scent of. When this set of all, or at least most of, their shower gel varieties came out for christmas I thought it was the perfect way to try all of the scents and that way figure out which ones I liked. You can't buy this set anymore, but I figured this would be a neat way to review all of them in one go as well.

Overall the quality of the Cowshed Bath & Shower Gels are top notch. They are all sulfate, paraben, petrochemicals and artificial colourings free. They are also suitable for vegetarians. In spite of this they all foam up nicely, but without leaving the skin feeling dry. They all smell amazing in their own way and the scents linger in the shower room even after you step out of the shower. There's no doubt you should try these, the question is more which scent to go for. So let me help you with that!

Lazy Cow - Soothing with essential oils of jasmine, chamomile and sandalwood ( here )
This one was ok, nothing too special. The jasmine makes this a more interesting scent, but it's not as special as some of the others. It's very relaxing, but with a bit of an uplifting twist as well. It doesn't have the strongest scent of them, but it's more noticeable when you shower and lingers after better than the "worst ones". Compared to 'Knackered Cow' which is similar, I must say I personally prefer 'Knackered Cow' to this.

Wild Cow - Invigorating with essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary ( here )
I loved this one! It smells quite fresh, but is a lot more interesting than just a plain lemon scented shower gel. The ginger and rosemary tones down the lemongrass and makes it a shower gel you can use both in the morning and to relax in the evening. The scent filled the shower room as I used it and lingered for a bit after which I love.

Grumpy Cow - Uplifting with essential oils of red mandarin, petitgrain and grapefruit ( here )
This is citrus scented and when smelling it just from the bottle it smells rather typical and boring. When you use it however, the sweetness of the mandarin rounds the scent out and make it a much more interesting and dynamic "experience". This was absolutely a nice one to use in the mornings, but not one I fell absolutely in love with. But then I'm not sold on too many of the citrus scented body washes anyhow. As far as they go though, this is probably one of the better ones I've used, I'll give it that.

Horny Cow - Seductive with rose absolute and essential oils of patchouli and cinnamon ( here )
This is quite a different scent. There's definitely some rose in there, and I'd say it delivers on the sexy part. It's a deeper scent, but still a bit sweet. It's not at all overpowering, it's actually quite soothing. I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I think it would be really nice to use in the fall and winter.

Moody Cow - Balancing with essential oils of rose geranium and frankincense ( here )
This one was a bit disappointing in that it doesn't smell much. I have to actually put the product close to my nose to smell the scent - which is a rather soothing type scent. When used in the shower there's pretty much no scent from this. I'd say if you are sensitive to scents, perhaps you find they easily give you headaches etc - then this could be wonderful! It's also very unisex, so it should fit pretty much anyone.

Knackered Cow - Relaxing with essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus ( here )
This was the second one I tried and became an instant favourite. This is incredibly soothing and relaxing, but manages to not be the typical one-note lavender overkill so many others have put out. I usually can't stand lavender scented anythings, but this is really nice, and without being boring. I'm thinking about buying the full-size of this to use for evening showers before bed, and also possibly the scented candle. I think that might be wonderful for relaxing purposes as well.

Gorgeous Cow - Blissful with essential oils of ylang ylang, rose, palmarosa and lavender ( here )
The scent of 'Gorgeous Cow' is really fun! I find it to smell a little bit like bubble gum, but mostly just very fruity and fresh. If you love Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel, then you'll love this too! It's not my favourite out of them all as I tend to enjoy more musky, soothing or vanilla-based scents, but I do really like it. It really did put me in good spirits!

I have to point out that the more disappointing ones here are just that in comparison with the others. These are all good, I enjoyed using all of them, and honestly would love to own the full size of each of these. I have my favourites based mostly on what scents I found the most appealing. That's very personal though, so you might like the ones I didn't fancy as much and vice versa. I do hope my somewhat clumsy discriptions of the different scents still gave you a vague idea of which you might choose to go for if you are considering trying one. The quality of the product in each of these scent aside is really good. My skin didn't feel stripped or dry after showering like so many other shower gels do, and Cowshed uses natural ingredients which I always appreciate. I look forward to ordering a full size, though I can't choose which one to go for - I just might have to go with a few! If they ever release another set like this I really recommend it, and will probably get another one myself as well!

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