Review: HealGel Intensive

I've previously sung my praises for the Heal Gel 'Face' Moisturiser, and thought I should also write a post on the product that first got me into the brand! 'Intensive' isn't really described as any particular type of product, but I view it as more of a 'treatment'. You are meant to apply it locally to any problem areas and then it will magically make everything bad go away.

It sounds a bit too good to be true, but it actually isn't. This works. Period. I personally use this as a spot treatment. Whenever I have a blemish and I apply this it helps it heal much faster, but, most importantly, it makes it vanish without leaving a scar or red mark. The latter which I've got huge issues with. I use SPF50 every single day, but those marks never fail to stay around following even the tiniest blemish.

HealGel themselves call this a 'multi-purpose skin rescue gel' which fits well enough. It's supposed to reduce puffiness and discolouration, soothe irritation and reduce sensitivity. I'll say this; it definitely works. It helps make my skin look a lot nicer, but mostly it helps keep a nice even skintone and helps marks fade faster. I don't use it for my whole face. I tried, it worked ok for a while, but on a longer term basis my skin did not like it. It got a bit irritated, so I went back to using it just on pigmentation marks and blemishes, and for that it works wonders.

Now, this is a huge bottle for just a spot treatment. It doesn't contain more than 30ml, which is pretty standard serum size, but anyone whose owned any of the typical 10ml spot treatments know even they hang around for ever. I really wish it would come in a smaller and cheaper size, as it's fantastic, but I keep throwing away half the bottle as it expires after only 6 months. I hate throwing away product, especially one with this kind of price tag. I'm on (I think) my third bottle of this, and this is the only reason I think I might not re-purchase. I don't use it that much cause I don't get that many blemishes (which I'm not complaining about!), but that still means that this never gets used up.

Price tag and trash throwing aside; I can't not recommend this. It really does work, and works really well. If you've got pigmentation issues, a lot of blemishes, sensitivity and/or redness - this is a product that will work when no other product will. It really visibly changes both the look and feel of your skin and could be the key to feeling confident without makeup. I know I'll miss it when the next half-empty tube goes in the trash, and I know that whilst knowing better I'll probably end up buying it again anyway.

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