Favourites: May 2015

First of all I have to say my most favourite thing from the past month is finishing my Bachelors degree! I'm equally excited and scared to be finished, but finishing the work I'm all happy about. I kept up with the blog pretty well I think, except for at the end of the month when I just couldn't find the time. Now though I'll have all the time in the world to blog which I'm super excited about! For my May Favourites I used makeup pretty much everyday this month so I've got a few items here that quickly became staples the past month.

Tom Ford Cheek Color in '02 Frantic Pink' ( here ) is a long-time favourite that I keep forgetting and coming back to. It's just a perfect peachy pink that looks beautiful and natural even if you apply a lot. The formula is spectacular - very pigmented, but blends effortlessly. This is one of few blushes I like to apply more of so that it's more noticeable, as it still looks natural and gorgeous. I can't recommend this blush enough - if you don't have it yet, just get it and thank me later!

Nars have been releasing so many great products the past year and I was late to the bandwagon with these lipsticks, but now that I own one I totally get the hype. Nars Audacious Lipstick in 'Anita'here ) is a stunning rosy mauve shade. It's very natural, but as it's a bit darker you still get a bit more of a statement. Perfect for lipstick lovers that need something a bit 'less' at the office, but still don't want to go down the nude route. Besides the shade the formula is spectacular. Super creamy and pigmented - I can't wait to get more colours from the range!

I've enjoyed this here and there in the past, but this month I truly fell in love with the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pen in 'Soft Brunette' here ). I think as my brows have finally been starting to really grow back, this looks a lot more polished than before and I don't have to use my Anastasia Dip Brow (though I still love that one as well). This is just so much quicker and easier, and it gives a really soft and natural brow.

My perfume-pick of the month has to go to Tom Ford White Patchouli here ). White Patchouli is a bit of a heavier scent, so if you prefer the light sweet or citrusy scents this probably won't be for you. I find it to smell rather 'clean', but patchouli heavy. Basically; if you don't like patchouli, then definitely skip this one. It smells rather horrid (in my opinion) when first spritzed onto the skin, but after letting it develop it turns into this really soothing balmy scent. We've had a month of beautiful full-on summer days, mixed in between cold windy and rainy days. On the darker days I've loved wearing this as it's still more floral, but isn't full on summer. It also has the most amazing lasting power and I can smell it all day. I really recommend trying it on, but wait a bit to let it develop before deciding on wether you like it or not!

I bought the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in 'Light 2 Mont Blanc'here ) in February and have slowly started using it pretty much every single day. It's rather foolproof for me and the colour is perfect. For now at least, I'll probably have to use a darker foundation in a months time. I'll write a full review of it soon as I've used it enough now to be ready to give my opinion. Also to feature it in this post - it's spectacular! Go get yourself matched if you haven't tried it yet! It's super natural, covers pretty well, is buildable, lasts really well and doesn't break me out. Basically it ticks all the boxes for me!

One skincare item I've fallen back in love with this month is the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask ( reviewhere ). I've reviewed it already and you can check that out for more details. This month my skin was looking a bit off and nothing could quite fix it. It's not strange though as I had a lot to do with finishing school and all. Then I decided to use this one evening and after rinsing it off my skin immediately looked so much better, and even better the next morning. I wasn't sure if I was going to re-purchase this or try something else after I finished it, but after this month I'm contemplating picking up the mega-size! This is seriously good stuff!

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  1. Congratuatlions on finishing your Bachelor's degree!

  2. congrats on finishing school! that's a huge accomplishment.

    I'm totally with you on TF's Frantic Pink. It's the only blush I own by them and I KIIINDDDD of want more. Contemplating selling a few of mine just so I can snatch Love Lust, which is the other one I've been eyeing.

  3. Thank you! :D

    I've had Love Lust on my wishlist for aages too!! The blushes are so good, I wish he added more colours to the permanent line cause there's so few.. though that would probably be bad for my wallet lol!! xx

  4. YAY YAY YAY!!! Congratulations on finishing your degree!!! So exciting! :-) HUGS!!!

    Frantic Pink has been on my wish list forever...not sure why I still don't have it??? Any other TF blush colors you love?

  5. This is such a great little set!!! I really want to try some Cowshed products now, especially after seeing them in your Empties post :-) Even if you don't love all the scents, what a great way to get to know the brand a little bit...at least you'll know what scents to stay away from in their other products ha ha!

  6. He he thank you!!! :D

    I just have two - the other one is 03 Flush which is super bright, but I love it, especially for summer. I really want to get Love Lust, but the other colours I doubt would suit me as I'm so pale.. I wish he'd release some more colours, although I'm perhaps better off without the temptation lol!! :) xx

  7. Haha definitely! Yeah it was so much fun to use a different one each week! Also I discovered some of the ones I thought about buying the full size of weren't my favourites so money saved there! :D xx

  8. Yay! Congrats on your degree! What are you up to now?? :)

    I don't have any tom ford blushes! or audacious lipsticks! But they're on my someday list lol. For whatever reason, I didn't like the ren mask when i first tried it (when it was being hyped up a few yrs back?) but now i want to try again?

  9. Thank you!! Just having a bit of a summer holiday and then hopefully a job of some kind hehe! :)
    Do try a Tom Ford blush, they are so good - super pigmented, yet blends like a dream! I get the sample of the Ren mask all the time, so perhaps ask for one before you buy it again, they always seem to have it! :) xx


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