Products I Want To Use Up: Update #6

As it's been almost three months since my last update I figured now would be a good time for another update on my use-it-up project! I've finished two products and have decided to get rid of three, so I'll be adding five new products to the project this time, which is always exciting!

Here you can see my progress on all of the products. The only products I've finished are of course the two where you can't tell how much progress I've made; the Chantecaille and Armani base products. On the other products I haven't made too much visible progress, but they have all been used! If you haven't read my previews posts in this project, I'll link them here;

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First let's celebrate the two products I did finish; Chantecaille Just Skin Anti-Smog Tinted Moisturiser ( here ) and Armani Luminous Silk Foundation reviewhere ) ! It's bittersweet as I love both these two products, but it's good to know I used them all up before they expired or went bad, and so got to enjoy them. I've already featured these in empties posts so some of you probably already knew they were finished. I'm now down to 8 base products (meaning foundations, tinted moisturisers, BB creams etc. ) which is still too much for my taste, but a lot better than what I used to have. I'm not going to add any of them to the project right now, cause there isn't one I'm feeling like focusing on, but I will definitely be adding more base products later. It's one of the categories I feel it's most important to not have too much "backstock" of. 

I'm getting rid of Nars Penny Lane discontinued ). Yes, I said it. It's my all-time favourite cream blush, and it's discontinued, which is heartbreaking. Since buying this it's been the only cream blush I've had and I've used it pretty frequently. I'm honestly surprised it's not gone as I've used it so much. The reason I've decided to get rid of it is that I think it's breaking me out. I've realised lately that I would gladly pay the price of all of my expired products to always have perfect skin. So why am I desperately trying to 'get my moneys worth' out of products that are already expired or semi-expired? It makes no sense to me anymore, so I'm going to be super strict going forward. Which is why there are three products in total that I am simply getting rid of from this project for this exact reason.

The Chanel Joues Contraste in Espiegle discontinued ) I haven't used much, I think there was a week I used it for, but not enough to make any noticeable progress. Not that there ever really is. I think I could use this everyday for another year, and it still would look barely touched!

These two; MAC Romp discontinued ) and Omega here ), I've also barely used! I'm keeping both these and the Chanel blush in for now, but I think I'm going to do a bit of a change when it comes to eyeshadows and blush products starting with my next update. My thought is, as I tend to update approximatively every 3 months, that I will add a new blush and/or eyeshadows to the project for each update and simply see how far I get with them until the next update, and then rotate new ones in. That way I'll make some progress in some of my eyeshadows and blushes, without driving myself insane. It's just impossible to use up a blush and eyeshadow in any decent amount of time. At least that's been my experience!

With my Clarins Instant Smooth Self-Tanning Primer ( here ) I've actually made a bit of progress. I haven't used it too much, but a bit here and there. As it is a self tanner I tend to use more than I would a regular primer. With a regular primer I usually concentrate it on the center of my face and take whatever is "left" and drag outwards towards the edges of my face. With this I need the product to be distributed evenly, everywhere, including my neck, so I find I use a decent amount of product each time. I think I'll have this finished by the next update. Theres quite a bit around the edges, but not too much to finish in 3 months.

My Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit ( here ) is another product I am getting rid of. I started thinking of when I bought it and realised it's quite old. Add that to the fact that I don't really like it and I just decided it was time to move on. I used quite a bit of the concealer, and finished the powder completely, so I'm pretty happy with how much I used anyway.

I've actually used my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage ( here ) here and there, but there's so much product it'll be a while until there'll be any noticeable progress. I'm quite enjoying it though, it's a great product, so I'm happy I put it in this project.

The RMS Living Luminizer here ) I'm gutted I'm also getting rid of. I did get through a lot more than when I started, and there's quite a dip, but it's also breaking me out. I'm really annoyed I didn't use it more when it was brand new as now I can't know for sure wether it's breaking me out cause it's expired, or if I'm reacting to the actual product. This especially as I love the natural sheen it gives to the skin and would love to re-purchase at some point. Oh well. I've really learned my lesson when it comes to cream products. From now on; only one in each category at a time, and once they are opened they are used all.the.time. 

Now for the things I'm adding to the project! This is always the most fun part, after actually finishing a product of course! First off I'm adding a second primer; the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer review - here ). This is one of my favourite primers, if not the favourite. The reason I'm adding it is that I've had it for almost a year and would like to use it up before it goes bad. I don't mind having two primers in the project as the Clarins is quite a special one I can only use when I have a moment to spare, whilst this is what I'll slap on when in a rush, everyday until it's finished. 

I'm adding four lip products. First a lipstick;  No 7 Sheer Temptation in 15 Tempt ( here ).  This is one of those shine lipgloss-balm-sheer-lipstick hybrids, and I love it! There's barely any left and I'd just like to finish what's left as I've got way too many lipsticks. I've been saving it as I love it, but I've decided I don't want to make the same mistake as with the other products I'm ditching in this update - so into the project it goes!

I've also added a Mac lipstick, also one of my favourites; Flamingo reviewlimited edition ). It's a beautiful peachy coral that is perfect for this time of the year. I've used up quite a bit and don't think I'll have too much of a problem finishing what's left.

I'm also adding a Mac Cremestick Liner in Sublime Culture here ). I've pared down my lipliner stash substantially this year, and only have 11 at the moment which I'm quite pleased with. However, this is a cream product and I've had it for a while, so in the spirit of finishing things before they turn bad, I'm going to try and get through this as well.

Finally I added a gloss; Nars Larger Than Life Lipgloss in Gold Digger ( here ) . This I received from probably the nicest sales assistant I've encountered - at the Saks Nars counter in Manhattan. I only have 13 lip glosses which isn't too bad, but I really want to lower this number as well and thought this smaller size would be a great place to start. It's pretty much a sheer gloss, but with a slightly warmer tint and a bit of gold glitter, making it perfect to use this time of the year. 

So here we are! As mentioned I will probably do a little 'remix' of this project when the next update comes around, which I'm quite excited about. For now I felt it was best to keep it as is though, as I'm adding so many new products this time. I think I'll definitely have the Clarins primer and the lip liner and Nars gloss finished by the next update. I'm hoping the lipsticks and Hourglass primer will be finished as well, and think they just might be. I have no hope I'll have finished the Mac eyeshadows or Chanel blush, honestly I'd be happy if I use them at all. That will all be resolved by the next update when I'll probably rotate the eyeshadow/blush post to new products. Until next time - wish me luck!

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  1. amazing progress and love the mentality regarding expired products, so true, just not worth it to give up good skin for old makeup!

  2. Thank you! I know, right?! Can't believe I haven't realised that before!! :) xx

  3. I think it's really hard when you a) really like a product and b) spent sometimes quite a bit of money on it. But at least for me, my makeup collection is quite large, so it's not like if I toss one thing I will have nothing else to use haha :)

  4. Yes that's definitely when it's the hardest to let go of products!
    Haha that's so true!! If anything I've got too much choice, I end up using the same stuff all the time lol !! :D xx

  5. nice work! I'm always so impressed by these haha!


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