Review: BECCA Ombre Nudes Eye Palette

The Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette was released sometime last fall and I really wanted to get it. I don't have Becca available to me here in Norway, so when I was in Ireland I planned on picking it up. However, when I was there I was hit by a bit of a common-sense wave where I realised I really didn't need any more eyeshadows. This was the same state of mind that caused me to skip on Tom Ford's Nude Dip. Both decisions, while obviously very reasonable, both I ended up regretting terribly. Thankfully Nude Dip is now part of the permanent collection, and when Becca was re-released at cultbeauty with free shipping I ordered the Ombre nudes Eye Palette immediately.

The shadows come in a sleek dark brown plastic palette. It's good quality plastic with a good closer, meaning I don't see this accidentally opening in your makeup bag. Inside the lid is a decent sized mirror, big enough to use as you apply your eyeshadows, definitely. It has 5 eyeshadows, with a total of 8.5g/.295 oz. It says it's got an expiration date of 12 months, but I don't personally pay that much attention to that with powder products, to be honest.

All the five shadows are completely matte. The texture is a bit powdery and these are eyeshadows you will have to work a bit extra with. However, as long as you make sure to tap of your brush before applying, and don't mind layering once or twice, the results are absolutely beautiful.

I don't find you can build these up to much intensity, but as you've got quite a range of options here you can just add one of the deeper colours. I find that as you blend the shades they are a bit lighter than they look in the pan or in a heavier swatch.

Probably the best thing about these shadows are the blend-ability, perhaps the upside to them being a bit more powdery. They blend so easily leaving no harsh edges ever. They also blend beautifully into other shadows. The fact that they can't be built up much is kind of of-set in my opinion, by the fact that you can layer other more intense shades so easily and seamlessly.

When this first got released I really wanted to buy it, but decided against it. I really didn't need more eyeshadows, nor did I really need more mattes. I still ended up picking it up when Becca had free shipping on cultbeauty recently as I kept thinking about it. I still didn't really need it, and I'm guessing most of you guys can do perfectly fine without this as well. 

However, I cannot tell you how much I still love having it on hand. While I do have a lot of mattes in different palettes here and there, this is so much easier to just pull out and use in combination with any of my more shimmering eyeshadows. I've found since getting this I've gotten much better at using my singles that I usually forget about. 

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  1. I swatched this palette in winter and it did not impress me colorwise, but now, in summer, I like the warm matte brown shades much more :) Becca eyeshadows are great, I think they should launch a neutral and cool version of this palette.

  2. I agree the shades run very warm, the lighter shades especially! Hopefully they'll release another one with more cool-toned shadows as well! :) xx

  3. i ended up returning it, though i was quite sure i needed it shortly after it came out. I guess i realized that a few of the shades actually look somewhat similar on me, i just wasn't loving a fully matte palette like i thought i would!

  4. Yeah I guess it will be hit or miss this one! I just love having it on hand to use with my more shimmery shades as all my mattes are tucked away in other palettes or singles and this is so much easier to just keep out! :) Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage is my favourite almost all-matte palette though! :) xx

  5. I've had that TF one on my list! Someday, I will get it, lol :)

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