Review: Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum

Caudalie's Polyphenol C 15 range was released sometime last year if I remember correctly. It was quite a grand release and everyone was very excited, including myself. Caudalie has become one of my trusted go-to brands. I always have several products from the brand in both my skincare and body care routine. Caudalie makes some of my absolute favourite products and so naturally when they release a whole new range of products that I can use, it's a good day indeed.

The Polyphenol C 15 products' main selling point is that they are full of anti-oxidants. The Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum is by some referred to as the 'star product' of the range, and no wonder. It's packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin. It's meant to protect the skin from eternal aggressors such as pollution and free radicals, but also internal aggressors such as stress. For anyone not living in blissful retirement in the vast countryside, this can be just what your skin needs.

As this isn't a one-thing serum - by that I mean it's not a hydrating serum, or a skintone clearing serum and so on, I can't say that I apply it and my skin instantly looks more like this or that. What I can say though, is that my skin always feel really nourished and happy. When I apply this I feel I'm doing for my skin, the equivalent to how drinking a really nutritious and delicious protein smoothie, is a treat for my health and body.

The serum is quite thin and spreads really well across the skin, meaning you don't need very much to cover your face and neck. It also absorbs pretty quickly and mends well with any moisturiser you put on top. There is some hyaluronic acid in this, which I will say noticeably helps where my skin is more dehydrated. However, it's not so much hydrating that I would say you should skip moisturiser all together. It's the perfect amount for anyone with more oily skin that would still like to give their skin a bit of relief, without making the skin more oily.

I've come to absolutely love this. I love how it applies, how it feels on the skin and how it makes my skin feel. I love how light it is, and that I feel like my skin is more protected from pollution and sun damage when I use it. I also find my skin to be more balanced when I use it. There's no skin type I wouldn't recommend this for. This is in the same category as Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair as it does a bit of everything, but not too much of any one thing, meaning everyone's skin will benefit from using it. It's a bit of a skincare boost to help any complexion look and feel a bit healthier, and protect against ageing and damage - and who wouldn't want that?

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  1. I bought this serum last summer (I also reviewed on my blog) and I really liked it and considering what it does, it's not even particularly expensive. The only flaw, but it's a tiny one, is that the pipette doesn't work really well and I'm not the only one who says this.
    Now I've almost finished it and I probably will buy it again.

  2. Yeah that's true actually now that you say it! The pipette is a bit tricky! Yeah it's a pretty amazing deal considering the price especially! It's one of the cheapest serums beyond drugstore skincare that I know of actually! I'm definitely going to re-purchase as well! :) xx

  3. Now it's official, Caudalie must do something about the pipette of this serum :)


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