Review: Odacité Baobab-Sarsaparilla Eye Contour Serum Concentrate

Odacité is a really interesting and different brand. I've wanted to try something from the brand for a while, but as I've got way too many serums and oils going at the moment, and have been for a while I couldn't justify adding another serum/oil to the rotation. When I ran out of my eye serum however, I figured it was a perfect excuse to try Odacité's version.

Odacité is a small brand with natural ingredients. The products are built around different ingredients meant for different specific things, where you can mix drops of the serums into moisurisers for example, or mix them with each other. There's a lot of the serums I'm keen to try, especially as I've been quite pleased with this one.

This is not really a serum in the formula sense - it's an oil. It's orange in colour and quite thin, but gets a slight bit thicker as you use it. The bottle holds a mere 5ml, which is tiny, and has lasted me approximatively 3 months. I might have used more than I had to here and there, but for the most part I've used no more than I felt necessary. Three months then for 33 pounds is not much in my book, making this a fairly expensive product.

Price aside though, this is a pretty nice product. It does give my eye area a much needed boost - it gave the usually dry and tired looking skin around my eyes an unusal radiance, which I'd never say no to. It also helps eye creams absorb better, and also apply better. I also find I need a lot less eye cream, so if you are using a very expensive eye cream this will help your money go further. I've used this both morning and evening, so if you just wish to use it overnight this would probably last you about 6 months instead which is a lot more decent. Coincidentally this has a 6 month expiration from opening, so I'm guess that's perhaps the kind of usage they had in mind.

In the end I can't say this is miles better than any other eye serum, but it is really good and I've really enjoyed using it. I'd say I do prefer this over others because it's a natural brand, and also a smaller brand which I enjoy supporting. I'd really like to re-purchase this as well as try more products from the brand.

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  1. lovely photos! Glad to hear it is working for you. i agree these odacite things are kinda pricey for the size!

  2. Thank you! Yeah the price is the reason I haven't tired more, but I'm contemplating the blemish clearing one as a 5ml size would be all I'd need anyway! :D xx

  3. Good for you for doing these and finishing up full size products! I'm terrible with always opening up new products, using it a few times, then leaving it after moving on to new things. Trying to change that this year... you're right it's terrible to have good products go bad.

  4. Hey Ellie, thanks so much for the review! I've been eyeing Odacite for a while as well. I don't mind spending 33 pounds on a skincare product, but if there is only 5 ml I have to think this through! I might start with their other oils and face serums in that case. Glad to hear it works well otherwise!

  5. Thank you! Yeah I used to be exactly like that too, but I've tried really hard to get better at it the last two years and I'm finally starting to get a good routine of using stuff up before moving onto the next! Good luck with using stuff up this year! It's hard at first, but so rewarding when you actually finish something completely!! :D xx

  6. Yeah I was quite surprised when I received it - I had no idea it was so tiny! It was quite a funny moment actually lol! xx

  7. I swear, watching people get through their makeup instead of just buying more is some of the most satisfying stuff ever lol I LOVE your blog and adore watching your progress. Well done and we look forward to the next update!

  8. THANK YOU!! :D That always means the world to me to hear! :)
    I love watching people use stuff up as well, it really feels so rewarding even to see other people finish stuff up hehe!! :D xx


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