Review: Supergoop Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF40

Supergoop is a brand I find really exciting. It's completely focused on providing great sun protection in all kinds of different skincare products. As someone that uses SPF every single day it makes me happy to find a company so focused on making sun care skincare that both perform well in terms of protecting my skin from the sun, but also is and feels good for my skin.

The first Supergoop product I tried was their Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 37, which I've reviewed on the blog. I absolutely loved it and have since re-purchased several times. The natural second product to try was their everyday sunscreen for the face.

The Soothing Mineral Sunscreen is a mineral based sunscreen (obviously) meant to be especially good for those with sensitive skin. My skin isn't particularly sensitive, but as I was trying a new brand I wanted to travel on the safer side of things. The skincare part of it is based around olive polyphenols, which are a great antioxidant and rich in omega-3 and 6, known to calm redness, irritation and inflammation.

The sun protection part comes from physical zinc oxide. I don't spend much time lounging in the sunshine for the same reason I wear sunscreen everyday, but I will say this; I'm not any tanner than I used to be. If anything I keep getting magically paler every year, which is good for my health, but I will admit, not the most flattering look. I'm still working on embracing my pale completely, but that's another story for another day. I will say this however; in my book - I'd take looking a bit less fantastic any day over dealing with skin cancer. No question!

Texture-wise this is really thin and runny. I store this upside down out of necessity. If I don't the product comes spilling out everywhere when I open it. Storing it upside down gets rid of that problem completely. It spreads easily across the skin and doesn't take too long to absorb. This is my sunscreen of choice when I need to get ready quickly and need to put makeup on in not too long. This also doesn't interfere with my makeup in any way. I find that if I don't have time to let it 'dry' completely before applying my makeup, using a primer on top takes away the "sticky feel" and then makeup goes on top perfectly fine.

Wearing sunscreen every day is such an important step, making finding a good sunscreen that works with your skin type vital. I know a lot of people can't find any they get on with and simply don't use them for that reason. If you are struggling to find a sunscreen that works I'd recommend giving this one a look. It's thin and quick to use, doesn't leave any greasy feel or white cast, and I don't find it to interfere with neither my makeup or my skin. If anything it helps calm my skin down and who'd say no to some more antioxidants in their skincare diet?

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  1. glad to hear this is a good one. i tried some supergoop when they first came out at sephora and i remember not totally loving the texture of whatever it was i tried. There's so many sunscreens i want to try right now!

  2. I've loved everything I've tried from the brand! I'm really keen to get the new setting spray with SPF! It sounds like the perfect thing to have in your handbag!! Yeah I know what you mean by sunscreens - there's so many brands really re-inventing their sunscreen ranges as it's become this everyday thing, it's really exciting! I remember just a few years ago, a lot of the sunscreens were not very thought-out and honestly a bit crappy lol!! xx

  3. yeah!! I'm really excited about it! Maybe i'll start wearing sunscreen everyday again :)

  4. As a very pale Aussie, I'm always looking for a facial sunscreen that will protect my face as much as possible. My biggest fear is breakouts but this brand sounds really great and this sunscreen looks as though it will fit the bill. Thanks for the thorough review :)

    Shannon xx | http://www.lotsofloveshannon.com/

  5. Thank you! Yeah I feel this is one of the safer bets as it's intended for sensitive skin and so is less likely to wreak havoc lol! I hope you like it if you do end up getting it! :) xx


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