Review: Urban Decay De-Slick

As Summer is pretty much here, I thought now would be the perfect time to talk about one of my top summer must-have products; Urban Decay's De-Slick! When Urban Decay first released their 'All Nighter' spray I thought it was really cool, but I wasn't overly impressed. I think I only bought the one bottle and left it at that. Then I remember youtube exploding with good reviews on 'De-Slick' and once again I caved to the hype. I am so happy I did.

De-Slick is a makeup setting spray meant to help with oil-control and keeping your makeup on for longer. It also helps make your makeup look more natural if you've ended up with a too 'powdered' look. It used to come in a colorful bottle, but the bottle has been updated to just a sleek white with a grey cap and writing. I much prefer the newer look.

It comes in the larger 118ml/4.0 oz bottle, but also the more travel-friendly 30ml/1.0oz. I have both. When the smaller bottle is empty, I de-cant the bigger bottle into the smaller one and keep that in my purse. The bigger bottle is less per ml and so this way works out cheaper. I re-purchase the little one approximatively once a year just so that it doesn't get gross.

Now for how it works! Well - I have no idea how, but it really does work, and I've put this thoroughly to the test. Two summers ago in New York I thought I would nearly pass out from the heat, and kept spraying De-Slick onto my face about once an hour. The amazing thing is; not only did it feel amazing to spray this on my face, it also kept my makeup on all day. I didn't think that would be possible in 40+ celsius! I've since taken the small bottle with me on every holiday, or summer-outing I've been to and it always delivers.

Urban Decay's De-Slick has become somewhat of my secret weapon. It's certainly in my top 5 products I simply couldn't be without. If they ever discontinue this I will stock up like a mad woman! I couldn't recommend this more to anyone with oily or combination/oily skin, those of you living in more humid or hot climates, have trouble getting your makeup to stay on or if you are just going on a warm weathered vacation. Not that this is a summer-only product - I use it all year round. But in the summer especially, this is my life saver!

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  1. I never got in to setting sprays. I have the all nighter spray from UD but I never saw a difference in my makeup when I used it. Maybe if I test it as you did I'll see if it works or not :). I like using face mists mainly to add hydration to my skin and I also find that when you use a mist before foundation, the foundation applies better and actually looks better.

  2. Yeah I didn't notice much difference when using the All Nighter either! I agree, this also works really well as a primer! :) xx


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