Review: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 54 Boy

Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine in 'Boy' is one of my all-time favourite lip products. I'd say lipstick, but it's not really a lipstick - it's a sort of balm, gloss, sheer lipstick hybrid - but a spectacular one at that. There's been countless sheer lipstick formulas released the past few years and while a lot of them have their gems, I've still got Chanel's version as the best in my book.

Boy is the often referred to 'my lips but better' kind of shade. It's a very brown based colour with a hint of pink. One quick swipe and you get a slightly more even toned lip with a glossy finish. Keep swiping and you can build it up somewhat, until you get a very glossy lip with a very natural even tint to the lips. It's my foolproof product for looking instantly put-together, without trying too hard both by not looking like I am, and not actually.

Lasting power isn't the best, but I don't really think anyone expects that from these kinds of formulas. It will disappear if you eat or drink, oar after a few hours. It's so easy to re-apply, you barely need a mirror, that I really don't mind. While it's not going to rival your most hydrating lip balm, it does moisturise a bit, and certainly won't dry your lips out. It's very comfortable to wear. A perfect option if you've got really dry lips, especially.

Chanel's Boy is one of those products I have to make myself not wear, cause I would end up just reaching for this all the time as it's so easy, and always just works. If this colour isn't the best for you, I'd recommend finding another shade in the formula as it's good across the board. If this does look like it might be your kind of colour though, I really recommend having a look at it the next time you are at a Chanel counter.

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  1. This seems a very beautiful color, Chanel's lipsticks are my favorite ones, the colors are beautiful and the texture amazing and moisturizing.
    I'm quite loyal to my favorite color, Rouge Coco Shine in Monte Carlo and I recently received Gabrielle, which is the color worn by Keira Knightley in the commercial.
    But I'd really like to try Boy, also because of the name! :)

  2. pretty! I remember i really wanted to buy this when it first came out, but i was super poor and probably in college or something so i didn't haha. I did buy a chanel lipstick around 4 years ago, find it kind of meh, and returned it. and no chanel lipsticks for me! (though i do have a glossimer and a rouge double intensite)

  3. No Chanel lipsticks at all? That is no way to live!! lol The Rouge Allure's are also really good in my opinion - if you ever want to go for one after all! ;D xx

  4. Monte Carlo is my other Rouge Coco Shine and a favourite of mine as well! I love how easy it is to wear, yet it makes a bit of a statement still, being a red! :D Just looked at swatches of Gabrielle and it's stunning!! I've yet to try the new Rouge Coco formula, perhaps that will be my first shade? :) xx

  5. I just might! :) I have really dry lips most of the time and at that time, i just wasn't really impressed :/ Thanks for the rec!

  6. I totally agree with you, Monte Carlo is so easy to wear, sometimes I also use it as a blush. Gabrielle is a beautiful color but not so easy to wear as Monte Carlo. The texture is amazing and there're so many beautiful colors.

  7. Oh wow I never thought to use it as a blush! I bet that looks awesome, especially in winter! I'll try that! Thanks for the tip! :) xx


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