Review: May Lindstrom Skin The Jasmine Garden Botanical Mist

If I had to use everything from just one skincare brand I think I would go for May Lindstrom. Her products are all organic and 'home grown', made with care and purpose, and everything is so incredibly thought out I almost forget to even look at the ingredients or reviews as I've come to completely trust every product she makes. Not only are they amazing products that just simply deliver, they are also incredible for the mind and soul and helps you remember to take those few extra seconds to just enjoy the moment. This all sounds a bit 'out there' to most of you I'm sure, but there's just no other way to describe her line of products. Today I wanted to write about The Jasmine Garden Botanical Mist and if you couldn't tell - I absolutely love it.

This is essentially a toner, but can be used many different ways. I spray it across my face after I've cleansed and use it as a toner, but you can also use it after you've applied all your skincare to refresh, to refresh throughout the day, to set or (again) refresh your makeup. I only use it as a toner because it's hella expensive, and way too fabulous to "waste" for other things. I have no doubt skin would love to have this re-applied throughout the day though.

This has a very interesting ingredient; silver. I was reading about this ingredient last year and this was originally how I came about this product, and May Lindstrom's products all together. It's supposed to be anti-bacterial meaning it can reduce breakouts and help them heal faster, reduce redness and help kill off any bacteria or viruses.

Other ingredients include jasmine, ylang-yland and rose which most of all smell amazing and makes applying this quite an experience for the senses. As with all of May Lindstrom's products this isn't about just skincare, they are supposed to be an experience for your senses as well. I always take an extra deep breath when I've sprayed this across my face as the scent is incredibly calming, yet invigorating.

Effects-wise my skin has been incredibly balanced and well- behaved while I've been using this. The bottle lasts forever as well - I started using this in January, and it's only about to end now. I've mostly used this in the evenings, but sometimes also in the mornings. I've especially used it morning and night when I haven't been feeling my best, it always puts me in a bit more of a 'zen' kind of mood.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post - May Lindstrom make some of my all-time favourite products. I've only tried two products from the range so far - this and the infamous Blue Cocoon (review to come!). I can't wait to try more products, would love to try them all, and will definitely re-purchase this. If you are looking to try a new toner or some skincare, I can't recommend this line enough.

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