Review: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Quite a while back I used and reviewed ( here ) the Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer. I was very happy with it and always meant to re-purchase, but never did. My skin type has since changed from combination/oily, to dehydrated, so my wishlist changed from the Light version to the regular version. Still I wanted to finish my other primers before trying it again. Then imagine my joy when I received the Photo Finish Primer as a complete surprise present! And now here is my review!

The primer comes in the same packaging the whole primer range from Smashbox comes in (not including the primer water of course!) - thin, sleek and plastic. It's lightweight and easily portable, making it perfect for travel. This was the purpose I always wanted to buy it for - the primer I could take with me on a plane. It has a twist-off lid and you squeeze the product out.

Texture wise this is classic primer - very siliconey and lightweight. I take a very small amount and apply it to the t-zone area, and taking whatever is left towards the edges of my face. The primer smooths out any texture issues I have and helps fill in and conceal pores. It's not a perfector on it's own, you will need to apply fondation on top to see the effects.

When I apply foundation on top of this I find my skin looks much more even in both texture and colour. I feel the primer helps give whatever foundation or tinted moisturiser a bit more coverage. It helps foundation stay nice and put for a few hours longer, nothing mayor. The best part is I find this works with almost any foundation or base products. Other primers I have or have had, I've noticed works great with one or two foundations, but not so well with foundations of other types of textures. The Smashbox primer is quite unique in that it seems to mend well with all of the foundations I have.

In terms of clashing with my skin I find it hasn't done anything for my skin, good or bad. It hasn't caused me to break out or blocked pores, which not that many primers do to my skin, I must say, but still. I find it to be completely neutral in how it affects my skin, which I personally prefer. I get my skincare needs from my skincare.

All in all I find the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer to be an all-around good product. It's not the most fantastic blow-your-mind start a blog just to write about it product, but what primer is? It helps keep foundation on for longer, makes your skin look a lot nicer when you've got makeup on, and doesn't bother your skin at all. Adding the great-for-travel packaging and this is one product I see myself wanting to always have on hand. If you've got oily skin I'd probably go for the Light version, and there's a lot of different versions to the range targeted at different skin types. If you'd like to keep it safe though, I'd say go for this version. It's about as fool-proof as a primer can get.

- Get it here (US) & here (UK/EU) -

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