Review: Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream

Kate Somerville's Goat Milk Cream has been consistently raved about for years and is something I've always wanted to try. When Megan and I did a swap around new years I knew this was the number one thing I wanted to request. I was super excited when it finally landed at my doorstep and I'm happy to say I haven't been the least bit disappointed.

The Goat Milk Cream comes in gorgeous purple plastic packaging. The lid comes off and inside is a white pump. You push it down and the product comes out from the middle. Much like the Zoya nail polish remover for those of you familiar with that. Basically the packaging is genious and I can't believe all creams everywhere doesn't all come in this kind of packaging. If Kate Somerville has a patent on it I urge them to give it up for the greater good. It's incredibly sanitary and there's no air leaking in and breaking down the product.

Besides packaging the product itself is also such a joy to use. The cream is white and quite liquid. I find one pump is more than enough to cover my face and neck. It spreads really easily across the skin. It's super light in texture and absorbs really quickly - it's virtually undetectable on the skin just moments after applying it. I also love the scent. I'm convinced it smells of fresh blueberries! I've seen other reviews complaining about the scent, so I don't know if I'm all wrong and the scent is absolutely horrible and I'm just not noticing. To me it smells of blueberries and I love it - I guess I can only say I hope you also find it to smell of blueberries?

Like I mentioned, this is super light-weight. It's not a heavy cream both in texture nor in moisture. However, this has been more than enough for my normal/dehydrated skin through summer. This is not enough for me to use as a night cream, and there were days during the colder months when I found this was not enough for me to use in the day as well. Basically - if you have dry skin this is a no-go. If you are combination or oily I see this working. I do always use a serum before my moisturiser which will help with nourishing the skin, so if you don't and don't want to use a serum during the day, this could also potentially not provide you with enough moisture if you have skin leaning towards dehydrated or that is a bit dry.

Moisture levels aside, this is still a really nourishing moisturiser. This has antioxidants to help fight free radicals and is also very soothing and calming on the skin. I don't have overly sensitive skin, but skin that can be sensitive and find this does help. Overall my favourite thing is how light, yet nourishing it is which has felt wonderful when the weather has been warmer these past few months. If you are looking to take care of your skin, but hate the feel of heavy creams, then this is a great option to check out. The antioxidants will help against ageing which also makes this a great first step towards something a bit more if all you've been using so far are basic moisturisers and you want to step it up a notch.

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